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The (very little) night mail

Fascinating article from the BBC on the Post Office Railway (otherwise known as mail rail).  This driverless narrow-gauge line carried mail for over six miles from sorting office to sorting office under the streets of London from 1927 to 2003. That fount of all knowledge … Continue reading

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Off my trolley – interurban branchlines – 1

A good, if rather conventional, place to start with interurban layouts, is the conventional branch line.  Some electric railroads were no more than a branch line in total.  Others, like the Pacific Electric, had twigs off the branches off the … Continue reading

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Jon’s modules – Mojo coming back!

The mojo returneth (at least in part).  After an interlude that included reading the first 400 pages of Bishop Tom Wright’s 1600 page magnum opus on Paul, lumberjacking a 40 foot pine tree in the garden, and clearing up after my … Continue reading

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Ffestiniog railway 1970

Another simple blog.  But here are two pictures taken in 1970 at Porthmadoc on the west coast of Wales.  The Ffestiniog was primarily a slate carrier, and ran on a tad under 2 foot gauge.  Although preservation of the line … Continue reading

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Hints and tips – N gauge handbrake

Browsing RMweb today (looking for I don’t know what) I came across this idea by Andy Gautrey on his Yakima Valley layout.  It is for HO, but I see no reason it won’t work in N. “There are also a few 2mm … Continue reading

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Welshpool & Llanfair 1970

I am going to opt for an easy post (or two) this week, posting a few of my old holiday snaps.  Nothing racy or revealing, I’m afraid, just boring old railways.  So here are four snaps of the 2′ 6″ … Continue reading

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Off my trolley – interurbans

WARNING – if you are from North America, please look away.  This is a confirmed UK resident writing about US railroads, so total accuracy is unlikely!  But I hope in this post to give some idea of the breadth of … Continue reading

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