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Off my trolley – interurban branchlines 3 – the Sacramento Northern

Despite the fact that the Sacramento Northern boasted 183 miles of track around San Francisco it was really just a long, glorified branch line.  Even in 1940, long after most other interurbans had degenerated into poorly-maintained shadows of their pre-WWI … Continue reading

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And Vienna, 2007

And so to Vienna.  It was really too hot to wander around hunting trams, but I did get a few shots….

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Prague trams, 2007

Another batch of photographs.  In 2011 I went on a study tour of Prague and Vienna (I did pay for the privilege!), looking at flood defences and hydropower schemes. I was delighted to have a hotel room in Prague overlooking one … Continue reading

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ESNG meeting – 19 February 2014

Last night was a ‘blast from the past’ evening.  Ex-member Andy Smith and his young lady paid us a visit.  And a very old friend of Derek the At * turned up. Duncan and John were ‘knitting’ – fitting overhead … Continue reading

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Off my trolley – modelling traction in N

Let’s take a slight diversion away from layout design to consider what one might run on this N gauge traction layout.  At moments like these I sometimes wish I had chosen HO to model in.  There is a good range … Continue reading

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ESNG modular systems

The ESNG works to two N-gauge modular systems.  With our show coming up, perhaps a quick reminder of the standards is in order.  The first is N-mod.  This is an adaptation of the USA N-Track system, the main difference being … Continue reading

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West Highland Railway, 1975

A long day down in the UK West Country yesterday, looking at computer models of flooding in the Somerset Levels.  So I’ll post some more of my old holiday snaps!  I hope to post another traction design article in a … Continue reading

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