Ilfracombe 1972

A family holiday on Exmoor in 1972 led my father and I to the abandoned ex-LSWR, ex-SR station at Ilfracombe.  An interesting two platform station at the end of the double tracked branch from Barnstaple, the station had heavy traffic and large locomotives in the holiday season.  I’ve never seen a model of Ilfracombe, but someone must have built it, as it is such a good prototype.

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3 Responses to Ilfracombe 1972

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Its like expecting the ACE to arrive at anytime!


  2. Nigel Wright says:

    Thanks for posting those wonderful photos, which I’ve only just found via Google.
    The local Ilfracombe Model Railway Club has built a model of the station, and I’m now planning to build my own.
    Did you by any chance take any more photos while you were there? I’m trying to find a ‘side-on’ view of the goods shed so I can make a scale drawing of it.
    THe photos you’ve already posted will be a great help, anyway.


    • Thanks, Nigel. I don’t have a side view, but I do have square-on end views of both ends. Email me at barthyd AT to give me your address, and I’ll send a digital copy of all the photos I have to you. Jon.


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