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The world’s most luxurious train?

Could this be a future release for Kato?  Beats slam-door electrics, anyway….  (From the Daily Telegraph website).  The newspapers continue to supply an interesting stream of prototype railway curios.  And I can’t resist reposting them! There will be two competing … Continue reading

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Layout design – different voices – is back

After a lot of work, the new version of the best micro-layout site around,, has been launched.  Hopefully new content in the form of new ‘Small Layout Scrapbook’ posts will follow soon. The site has been updated as to its … Continue reading

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Victorian Strangeness: The man who hoped to die in a railway crash

You thought model railway enthusiasts were strange.  How about this from the BBC News web site? Money. Property. Land. Heirlooms. Whatever the mourners were hoping to inherit when they first gathered for the reading of the will, they were to … Continue reading

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Jon’s modules – the staging

I’m beginning to make some model railway time again.  The first part of the year was hectic, with my mother’s demise, my wife’s hip replacement, the ESNG exhibition, and a number of panics at work.  It’s a bit quieter now.  The … Continue reading

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ESNG meeting – 18 June 2014

I was a bit late getting to the meeting tonight.  Thank you SouthWest trains for stranding me at Kew Bridge Station for half-an-hour.  The problem – not just a broken down train at Mortlake but a dodgy level crossing at … Continue reading

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(Rail)road runner

Next real post tomorrow with the ESNG meeting tonight.  However, here’s a bonus post.  Combining bird-watching and train-spotting would be ideal. I think the poor critter looks a bit confused.  It’s a road, Jim, but not as we know it…. (Picture … Continue reading

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Is it a bird, is it a train?

Here’s an irresistable snippet from the BBC (bold text mine). In 1970, the British Railways Board filed a patent for a spacecraft powered by “controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction”. The original patent application said the reaction would be “ignited by one … Continue reading

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