Jon’s modules – retirement projects?

As my income drops dramatically, here are a few additions to the gloat box…..

A very neat sheet metal bending tool, for those etched brass kits.  Supplied quickly and painlessly by this on-line shop.  I never remember what I need at exhibitions, so this site is one to remember for the future.


An early candidate for construction.  Those nice people at BH Enterprises brought some etched sides for a 4-EPB EMU to TINGS for me, that may be used on one of my spare Bachmann 4-CEPs.


And here are three Toronto liveried Bachmann Peter Witt trolleys.  At less than £50 each, two of them new, it would have been a crime not to buy them.


My last purchase from the end of Martin’s trains.  Totally inappropriate for my interests, but who could resist an old Lima SCNF Cinema car?  Perhaps I need to add some sleeping passengers, who are watching one of those wonderful French art films, where nothing happens for  several hours.


A trio of BR suburban coaches, picked up reasonably cheap at TINGS, that may come in useful one day.


And finally a cheap bag of containers from TINGS.  These are hopefully earmarked for a little project…..


I should have been up in the loft already with this lot, but this week has passed by rather quickly, supporting my daughter with her dissertation, enjoying the unexpected autumn sunshine, and hunting with my wife for a new family budgie.   (Must be male, to give me moral support, and blue like the last two….)

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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5 Responses to Jon’s modules – retirement projects?

  1. I’ve always been tempted by the lima cinema cars… but I have no idea what I’d do with it. It’s just forbidden fruit. Unless someone decides to produce a LNER cinema car – now THAT would be right up my street!


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