ESNG meeting – 2 March 2017

The layout was very quiet tonight.  A number of us seemed happy just to be social and chat (and what’s wrong with that), and we were missing all Paul’s Japanese stock – as he’s out there at the moment looking at the real thing and emptying model shops.  It was good to have a visit from David, and to see Tommy back running his trains.

However, I did test my bargain Dapol Britannia.  Half-price and I think that it’s a good on, as it seemed to run smoothly without derailment in both directions.  I couldn’t resist buying it, as Britannia’s were one class of locomotive that I saw a good number of during the final days of steam.  Not a bad model at all of a handsome prototype, but crying out for a better scale chassis.


Graham continues to collect very fast trains.  His latest addition is this Kato Eurostar in the new dark blue livery.


The only other excitement for the night was the news that I will be out of the country for the exhibition in April.  Should be no problem – it’s all organised, just troubleshooting on the day required.  This did concentrate a few minds, though….

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2 Responses to ESNG meeting – 2 March 2017

  1. The blue livery is nice. Plus it doesn’t look so filthy all the time.


  2. Well… in the real world…


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