ESNG meeting – 17 January 2018

A fairly quiet club evening – and sorely missing the Cha(I)rman’s tea making expertise.  But there were some interesting trains on view.  Derek ran this Peco Jubilee and Dapol Gresley coaches.  A mismatch in both time and region, but a most attractive train.  The Peco Jubilee still stands up well against more modern models in detail and performance.

Paul occupied all the outer tracks with a range of Japanese bullet trains.  And it looked a bit like the tropical bird enclosure at the zoo – a wide range of exotic colours on view!!

Peter was running a Channel Tunnel shuttle service.  You don’t often see these CJM ‘Le Shuttle’ locomotives…..

Whilst t’other Peter continued the French theme with this lovely Co-Co locomotive and coaches.  French locomotives of this era all seemed to have this distinctive cab shape.  I recall reading the Meccano Magazine as a kid, and seeing the advert for the Hornby-Acho French Bo-Bo with similar lines. (Now this dates me…..)

Can’t remember where this came from, so apologies for any copyright.  A clever bit of Photoshopping, or could it be the prototype for Graham’s roll-up fiddle yard?

And I borrowed these two pictures from RMweb.  An EPB unit in BR blue, but still with an original LSWR axlebox cover, pre-1923.  The Southern Railway certainly didn’t waste much!

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4 Responses to ESNG meeting – 17 January 2018

  1. Like the colourful bullet trains, certainly like an exotic species from that angle. The ‘le shuttle’ loco looks good – never seen one of those before. This blog is a bit like a nature programme with attenborough at times. Waiting for something rare or endangered to pop up!


  2. Andy in Germany says:

    Shinkansen trains do come in some weird and wonderful colours. Mind you I’ve seen a few local trains in ‘Ninja’ colour schemes and even ‘Anpanman’, a Japanese cartoon character (and if you don’t know what it is, just count yourself lucky)
    I’ve never seen Shinkansen running with the coupling cover open though, unless the coupling was being used. I suspect at the speeds they run the cover would be torn off.


  3. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog.


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