Potpourri #1067

Just a short post today – I’ve had a busy week, ending up with a day’s Safeguarding training for church.  Necessary, but slightly mind-numbing.  I did come across these two videos.  One, the original O’Dell County Traction layout.  This was a project layout in Model Railroader way back when, and it’s good to see the layout still functional.  It’s a good example of how a lot of trams or traction can be realistically fitted into a small space.  It would need a few changes to fit into N gauge, as the curves would become too tight for most of the commercially available trams and interurbans.

And here’s a smaller and simpler layout design based on O’Dell. This has real potential for an N gauge version on a small baseboard. 

A clever automatic uncoupling mechanism.

James Hilton put this photo on N Gauge Forum.  It does show what a difference Code 40 track makes, and also how inconspicuous DG couplings can be.  I must have another go at making some up….


I had to look at the map reference provided to work out where in the world this is.  Turns out it’s NW of Sydney, Australia, but it could almost be somewhere in the Mendips.  (Photo James Tailby.)

The loader at Martins Creek Quarry.  The quarry is either side of the sidings however this view shows only the loader and a simple scene to model.


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1 Response to Potpourri #1067

  1. Hello.
    This is an amazing view of the quarry, and it’s great to see a loader in the scene.
    Thanks for sharing.


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