About the ESNG blog

The East Surrey N Gauge blog keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the club, and gives news and views on N-gauge modelling generally.

7 Responses to About the ESNG blog

  1. Antonio says:

    Hi guys,
    just discovered your blog! Really well done and plenty of great pictures,
    see you in Stuttgart soon,


  2. Charles says:

    I echo Antonio’s comments from a year ago. I’m in Boston, US, so won’t be making Stuttgart, although I was there 60 years ago while in the Army.


  3. Hi,

    Ik am Kevin, the owner of Panzer-Shop.nl. You have modified my armoured vehicles (Cromwell, Staghound) very well! Could i use your pictures for my website?



  4. Chris C says:

    Love the bubble cars. Built right next to Brighton Station. Would it be worth masking the clear resin with Maskol before spraying the primer? Another alternative is to colour the windows in with a soft pencil. It gives an excellent glazed effect. .


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