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Now this photo is enough to get ones mojo working!  Posted on Facebook by David Goulty.  There are just so many interesting details in the photo….

From Flickr – superb photo of ex IWCR No 12 in SR colours – clearly in the 1920s – note the track and signalling, with no SR influence. No 12 was painted in early olive green in May 1925 and then in darker Maunsell green in August 1927 (if we could see the colour of the lining it would help!) The wagons appear to be two ex IWCR (originally Midland Rly) vans with goods’ brake IWCR No 5 (SR 56037 – later rebuilt with a second balcony). The brake has white handrails, so may already be in SR colours. The two wagons under the works’ water tower are both in SR livery, and the open wagon may be an early SR import. If the car-truck/machinery wagon flat is SR it can only be 1927 (when the SR modernised the layout and signalling at Newport and the first of these were transferred). The train is being shunted from the down line across to the up loop. There is a lamp over the right buffer (Sandown line) but this couldn’t be accessed from the loop (only the Ryde line), neither is the brake displaying running lamps and a member of staff is walking alongside; so my guess is that it is a shunting move and the wagons will end up in the ‘up’ sidings alongside the works. Wish I could step inside the photo and look around!


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  1. motiv8n says:

    Great analysis of the photo! It’s amazing how much information can be gathered from a single image.


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