Apocalyptic Perspectives and Dystopian Dioramas (recommended)

The Model Railroad Design blog recently had an inspirational post on “Apocalyptic Perspectives and Dystopian Dioramas” offering some inspirational, if slightly depressing ideas for model railroad design.  I recommend the full article, but here are a couple of photographs from the post to whet your appetite.

This is the work of a Yale architecture student (probably graduated by now)  Peter Feigenbaum in his Trainset Ghetto installation. Plenty of graffiti and trash in a rough contemporary urban scene. The lack of scale figures makes it even more foreboding and bleak.

Bleak, barren and broken.


Another artist James Cauty is dabbling in the scale model railroading medium shows us an extended crime scene,.

Collateral damage from the getaway chase.

He describes his work as:

Thousands of police swarm over a scorched landscape tattered and torn by rioting and looting, every window in every building is smashed, vehicles are overturned, bridges and roads destroyed, power pylons are down, a burned-out church still smoulders. Above this post-mayhem scene of destruction, helicopters shine their searchlights on the battered landscape. Above the helicopters, a train rumbles past…

A motorcade brings the queen to view the scene of the crime.

Go and read more on the Model Railroad Design blog.

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