A railway in the news

Reading more column inches about the tragic Salisbury poisonings, I came across this interesting snippet:

The tiny village of Loyga in the Russian far north is not the kind of place you would expect to be at the centre of an international spy scandal.

With fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, it has rail access but no paved roads.

But Loyga has proved crucial to piecing together the story of the real “Alexander Petrov” – the second man the UK authorities suspect over the Skripal poisoning case in Salisbury.

The BBC published this photograph of the railway.

This little logging railway would make an interesting model.  And it made me wonder how many barely documented lines there are in the world, unheard of here in the UK, but providing a vital service to the locals?  And indeed, how may places are left that rely on their railway for access for much of the year?

But of course, Wikipedia came up with some more pictures of the line, and a fascinating set of pictures they are too… (All creative commons, Leg29).  It also says that:

The Loyginskaya forestry railway first line was built in 1947, in the area of Ustyansky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast, starting from the village of Loyga. The total length of the railway at the peak of its development exceeded 308 kilometres (191 mi), of which 200 kilometres (120 mi) is currently operational. The railway operates a scheduled freight services from Loyga, and is used for transportation of felled logs and forestry workers. In 2014 a railway bridge was built over the river Porsha.


There are some great pictures in the Russian language links lower on the Wikipedia page.

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Ron in Austria #4

Day 5

A misty start turning into a warm sunny day. Full day today. In the morning we went by coach to Berchtesgarten to visit the infamous Eagles Nest. Contrary to popular belief nobody stayed there overnight as it was a Nazi conference and entertainment centre. Hitler only visited 14 times due to his claustrophobia and fear of heights and stayed further down at the Berghof. It was at this site we had to leave the coach and transfer to a specially adapted bus to travel up a mountain road to an upper car park where you walk down a 124m tunnel to a polished brass lift to take you up to the building. Afterwards we went to Konigsee for a return trip on the lake to St Bartholema. Then back to hotel.

Eagle’s Nest


Konigsee and boat on lake


St Bartholema


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A pot pourri for Thursday

Firstly, my modelling mojo has returned, and an update on my workbench will follow soon.  It’s really a matter of getting into a habit of retreating to the workbench for an hour – or even just a few minutes – to progress a little.

Next, this would exclude most of our club members (except the females, who are all of extremely good reputation.)  Times change, but people always find something to write officious notices about.

Now a link – are trams the future of transport?  Some excellent photographs here.

And the modelling challenge for the day.  A little something from the Haagsche Tramweg Maatschappij (Holland).  An electric streetcar carrying a dummy steam locomotive in 1908.  No one would believe this if you built one! (Or more likely they’d complain that you’d left out the overhead wires, or got the brickwork with the wrong coursing.)

And finally, a dreadful warning.  Selfies can be very dangerous – though from what you read in the papers, standing in the middle of the railway track is one of the safer options!

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Ron in Austria #3

Day 4

Rest day so left early to do Achnerseebahn. It was a chilly morning and when I arrived at Jenbach for first train of the day found I had to sit in open sided carriage as compartment coach was reserved for a party. On arriving at the lake it was raining so declined the boat ride as it’s arrival back would have meant over an hour wait for train back to Jenbach. Therefore took opportunity to return straight away and carry on to Innsbruck where I knew half tour party was heading to, Reacquainted myself with Innsbruck and returning to Oberndorf with the members of the tour group.

Achenseebahn today…


Innsbruck transport….


Views of Innsbruck…


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Ron in Austria #2

Day 3

Cold with showers. Mountains this morning have a dusting of snow. Group visit to Salzburg.


Salzburg HBF – trains inside, trolleybuses out.


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ESNG meeting – 4 October 2018

Plenty of running at tonight’s meeting.  Good to see John B up from the wilds of the Kent coast, as well as the usual suspects.  Here we see some advanced electronics, wiggling the controller plug to make better contact….

Peter was running this lovely French Pacific, with a fascinating array of plumbing along the boiler.

Paul ran the customary Japanese goods, a colourful train headed by Bo-Bo-Bo diesels.

T’other Paul came up with this interesting Arnold model of an old German S-Bahn electric multiple unit.  Third rail, much as still runs in Berlin (and elsewhere) today.

John was testing a Swiss rake, that seemed to want to include a slip coach….

And Paul’s ‘N’ class mogul reminded me just how good a Farish model this was….

We also discussed an invite to exhibit in Redhill at a local Scout’s hobby show.  Just the four hours, but we thought we might as well go along, and have a sort of PlayDay and run some trains.  We can advertise the club and next year’s show, as well.  Hopefully, we’ll take a modest N-mod circuit, and Paul will bring a simple Kato layout as well.

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Ron in Austria #1

A few more of Ron’s holiday snaps – it’s Austria this time!  (And just in time.  I’ve been trying to learn the Templot point planning software, and it’s winning so far.  I was hoping to post about my exploits, but it would have been a succession of expletives….)

Day 1

Landed in Munich on time but then hit Vorsprung nichtt Dutch Technik. The automatic passport gates were playing up and it took half an hour to get through passport control and it then took another 20 minutes for our luggage to appear. We then had 2 and a half hour coach journey to Oberndorf where it is hot and sunny.

When beer and cake is included in your package it would be rude to refuse.

Hotel Kaiser Kitzbuhlen Alpen and view from my balcony.


Views of Oberndorf in Tirol and its station.



A very wet day today. Group outing to Zell am See for a boat trip on Lake but was not possible to take pictures due to heavy rain.


And the Day 2 rail special

St Johann in Tirol


Pinzgauerbahn at Zell am See Bahnhof


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