A video and some interesting loops….

Brian has been testing his Brighton Belle….

“This is not supposed to be a spoiler, but I couldn’t help but be impressed by the detail on The Brighton Belle 5BEL from Arnold – it shouts quality”

And how about these end loops.  The idea is to drop the track from top to bottom of the baseboard, so that the baseboards can be stored face to face.

They come from this German site that needs translating, but has some interesting content: Modulbau: Bauphasen in Bildern

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End loop ideas

I have been continued to think about the best design of end loops for our N-club modules.  I was impressed by this loop next to us in Stuttgart this year, with its internal sidings.  I have also been spurred into action by Derek’s superb baseboards for the new club fiddle yard – though I could never complete any carpentry that good!

So I went back to playing with the design software, and came up with this design.  The end loops are Peco Set-Track #3 and #4 plus one larger curve.  The two inner sidings are bi-directional and can be used to reverse short multiple units and push-pull trains.

The overall size of the board is 1200 x 800 mm.  I did look at the potential for a fold in the board to make it smaller for transport.  However, I’ve decided that this just over-complicates things.  There is no scenery, so the boards can be shallow.  Further, as there is only one joint to the outside world, there is no tension on the boards due to being clamped into a line of modules.  Lighter, 6mm ply (but good quality ply) will be strong enough for the loops.

Now all I have to do is make them…..

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ESNG BuildDay – 8 December 2019

This afternoon was the first ESNG ‘BuildDay’ and it has been a success, I think.  We had 8 members along, together with a number of projects to work on, observe and learn from.  Or one could just enjoy good company and banter!

We weren’t quite able to start laying track on the new fiddleyard, but Derek had all the boards set up and having discussed a few details, we helped add some of the fittings.  It is a very professional piece of work, and will hopefully serve the club as well as the last one.

T’other Derek worked on Raysden, repairing a little scenery, and most importantly, trimming back the platform edges.  These were most probably a scale distance from the track, and steam locomotives and long coaches tend to get stuck as they are a little too wide to get through.  So in future it’s a case of ‘mind the gap’.  We also added another module and two end loops, so could run a few trains.

Paul was busy laying Kato track at high speed on another module.

And he also brought along the ultimate test track!

We finally packed up around 5:30pm, and will repeat the afternoon as it was both enjoyable and productive.

And a short video from Brian….

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ESNG meeting – 6 December 2019

A little thin on the ground tonight, with just the six members present.  Poor excuses were received from some other members – work, hospital visit, and better half’s 60th birthday.  Well, the last one is valid I guess!

So we had a relaxed evening running trains, and I had time to run in my new Hornby-Arnold Brighton Belle.  I really like this reissue, as it’s in the 60’s livery that I just about remember, with a small yellow warning panel.  It’s a lovely model….

Stopping in Peter’s station module.  The second picture could be the Brighton main line, with the ‘Belle’ and four running tracks.

Chris kept up the Southern theme with his ‘Q’ and good train….

And Paul kept the steam theme with a fine Japanese steamer and passenger train.

Next stop, Sunday and our first club BuildDay.  It looks as if it will be more of a PlanDay, but hopefully that will lead into some more solid building….

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More links

Weeks of timewasting profitable browsing with these two galleries of photographs.

The late David Heys’ site has an informative text and is full of great photographs from all over the country.  Just browsing, I was surprised to find BR Co-Bo diesels pictured on passenger trains in the Peak District.

The Paul Claxton collection is just photos, usually with an informative caption, but has larger format pictures, again from all over the country but mainly London Midland Region.

And if you are a wagon fan, don’t forget Paul Bartlett’s (no relation as far as I know) comprehensive site of BR wagon photographs.  All buyable for personal use to finish that project (and perhaps I should now go and finish some myself.)

And a scary story from Essex.

Open door on 80mph Southend train ‘due to loose screws’

Could have been very nasty.  Another modelling challenge for some of the ESNG members also suffering from loose screws?

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Happy birthday!

My eldest daughter seems to specialise in sending postcards rather than birthday cards.  This one was well chosen to reflect my interests and my recent Stuttgart visit.  Better than the one of Angela Merkle last year…..

Thanks, Ruth!

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Stuttgart – 2019 – 2

As promised, a few pictures from Allan and Sean….

OK! What did Spanish Thomas say to the English Thomas?

The usual suspects….

Vital supplies….

Back to running trains….

Can you spot the movie connections?  All from the German N-Track American modular layout!

Fake news (I sincerely hope!)

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