ESNG exhibition 2022

We’re going to take a chance and try for an ESNG show in April.  It will be small one – more an Open Day really, but we’ll have about 8 layouts on show, 2 traders and 2 second hand tables.  Plus an N Gauge Forum table.  And of course, our usual cakes and real coffee.

Most of the layouts will come from club members, plus Nick Falconer with his new Bahnbetriebswerk Königshafen layout, that was booked for the NGSE show in 2020 – but of course that didn’t happen.

We’re not sure how many will come through the door, but hope to break even and if nothing else, we’ll have a sociable day playing trains.  Of course, this all depends on the state of Covid-19 at the time, but I’m hoping that rates will have dropped considerably by then.  But this is a low risk, low cost venture, so should be relatively stress free, and easy to cancel if we have to.

It will be great to get exhibiting again!

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Potpourri #1042

With the theme of stations…..

This kit for Paris Bastille is nothing short of spectacular! Expensive, yes, but a wonderful model.


Or how about one of these?


I was sorry never to visit this station when I was working in Thailand.  Now it’s closing.


I have visited this one!  But not to catch a train, just to visit.

Stuttgart’s new station is a bit of an epic….  Makes Crossrail look easy.  I note that the new airport and Messe station is mentioned.

And why would anyone put Redhill station in a computer simulation?  Still, it looks a lot tidier than the real thing! 

Till next time, when I may have made some progress with my legs…..

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Legs, legs, legs

Many moons ago, just before the first 2020 lockdown Derek Apps used the end of the plywood we used for the new ESNG fiddleyard to cut me the parts for two 4′ x 1′ boards, to make ‘super’ dashboards for the club.  I wanted to make boards that were small enough and light enough for regular club use, but a little wider to prevent stock falling to the floor.  A year later, I thought that I would make a start on them, and found that the plywood surfaces had warped significantly – the ply was still usable in small pieces, but could not be pulled back into shape as a baseboard top.

Another six month of 2021 pass, then I get a sheet of 9mm ply cut to provide two new baseboard tops, and some spare ply for other uses.  I get the basic frame built, then start thinking about legs (baseboard legs, that is – see the end of this post for other distractions.)  I wanted to have folding legs with a simple stay, rather than slot in legs, that are easy to leave behind when you go to an exhibition.

After another few months, when my modelling inspiration was, in any case, rather low, I was searching RMweb for inspiration, and came across this very neat design.


And here it is on the first of the two boards.  A single leg, as the second board will have two, then the two will be hinged together to give an 8′ run.  When upside down, the stay won’t stay in line, but turn it the right way up and the weight of the timber holds it rigid in place.  I may add an extra piece of timber to allow the stay to be clamped as in the first two pictures – not necessary, but perhaps useful for exhibitions to give it a little more strength.

And here is the leg folded.  I think (modestly) that this looks neater than the original RMweb design.  Legs on the other end of the board will fold flat between this set.


The second board is already well under way, and we’ll see what comes out of the build in due course.

And to introduce a little culture into the blog – here are some more legs!

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ESNG meeting – 9 January 2022

A rather more successful Sunday meeting – 10 members present, even though we were missing the Chai(r)man (with a genuine cold) and Simon (with genuine Covid.)  Paul reports…..

Another ESNG meeting, but more attendees this time with 10 members present. A variety of trains graced the modular set up without too many issues. My contribution was an E3i, the 500 series Kasenger, 2 E233 sets in different liveries and an EF81 in Cassiopeia livery hauling a 15 coach type 24/25 sleeper set.


Plenty of interesting trains on display today.  Pride of place goes to a pair of N Gauge Society Hunslet shunters.  Lovely little models, and they ran very well.  Nice NGF anniversary wagon, too….


An interesting selection of stock from Lucas….

A full fiddleyard….


A little wiring carried out on a corner…..


Neil was testing a range of stock…..

At the end of the afternoon, I ran in my new ‘N’ class 2-6-0.  I like the black Bulleid livery, with yellow lettering shaded green.  It then headed a short goods train.


The usual suspects! 

And Brian recorded it all on film….

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More diversions!

Another couple of diversions from the true faith of N gauge trains……

Firstly, I spotted this plastic kit a while back.  It took a while for it to arrive from deepest China, as the model is sold out in the UK (and Japan – the same stores that supply us with trains are also good for plastic kits.)  The Sexton was a Canadian Ram tank modified into a self-propelled gun, carrying the standard, and excellent, British 25-pounder gun.


The attraction of this particular model can be seen in the markings.  They are for the Royal Artillery (Herts Yeomanry.)   The family significance is that my Dad served in 341 Battery of the 86th Field Regiment, from Normandy to Berlin (or thereabouts), with Sexton and Priest vehicles.  Plus some US half-tracks as command vehicles.

The photo below (from Wikipedia) shows the Herts Yeomanry in action somewhere in Europe in 1945.


I am looking forward to modelling a little family history.

And the second one…..  Airfix recently re-released their old kit of the magnificent HP42 Heracles.  These flew from Croydon airport in the 1930’s.  Reviews suggest that the aged Airfix tooling on this kit has held up well and is actually pretty good.  As it’s close to ‘N’ 1:148 scale, it will look good on my N-club airfield module as an alternatives to the current F-111’s!


This film is of the identical HP45 – the 42 had less seats and did long distance flights – the 45 flew European routes.  There were 16 in total of both types and three even acquired camouflage at the start of WW2 as transports, though all had been damaged by 1940.

There’s some fun to be had with both these models.  And I’ve spent some time in the loft this week doing a little woodwork.  More to follow….

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ESNG meeting – 5 January 2022

The first meeting of 2022 was a bit of a non-event.  As Paul sums it up….

The first ESNG meeting of 2022 was abandoned owing to a shortage of staff. The rule of six wasn’t threatened with an attendance of just four. Another meeting on Sunday.

With a sub-zero evening and Omicron, we didn’t hurry to get the layout set up, and at 7:45pm thought no-one else would coming and gave up.  Unfortunately, Chris phoned later to say that he’d just arrived, after a horrendous journey with the A25 closed due to an accident.  And I’d remembered the milk….

We shall try again on Sunday.

To keep you entertained, here’s some trackwork that’s almost as bad as ESNG’s.  Ukrainian narrow gauge – some lovely scenery and railway.

And some wonderful Japanese model making….

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Potpourri #1041

Some more odds and ends.  I’ve ventured back into the loft, so some modelling may get under way in the next few days!  But for now….

Mr Dawes sent me this most excellent link.  He knows how I like Terriers, and Jago Hazzard is always entertaining to watch.

New Year action from the USA.  I’ve no idea what the car driver was trying to do, but he must have had a drink or two to chase his car down the line having been hit by the train!

Another seasonal video – a bit long but some great Swiss rails in the snow….

A full size fiddleyard in France.  The ground even looks like a plywood baseboard.  The TGVs stored at the disused military camp at Ambronay.  (The soundtrack is terrible and well worth turning off.)  I think it looks a bit like Paul’s new living room…..

I’ve had complaints that this site isn’t educational enough.  So here’s a useful link.  English subtitles are available if you are not conversant in Finnish…..

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New Year resolutions

It’s not wise to make New Year resolutions – they just get broken (see yesterday’s post.)  But is also seems wise to put together a list of railway projects for 2022.  I need a list and some direction to get me out of my chair and modelling.  So, here are a few ideas for 2022….

My own projects

  • Minories needs the new Finetrax points and some solid work.
  • I have a lot of 3D printed bubble cars to put on flat wagons.  This stalled as I found the wagon number decals so tiny I gave up.  Must do better!
  • I have a load of plastic and metal kits, accumulated over the past five years or so, to put together.  These include wagons, coaches and locomotives of various kinds.
  • I need to do some tests with N couplers other than the Rapido’s that I still dislike immensely.
  • There are two plastic kits of tanks and one of an aircraft to build as a little light relief.
  • There’s some minor fettling to do on my two lockdown layouts to make running more reliable.
  • And I need to continue to sort out my accumulated gloat boxes and sell on what I really don’t need.

ESNG projects

  • I have two 4′ x 1′ boards in the loft to complete, to act as ‘super-dashboards’ for club running.
  • The new fiddleyard is still sitting in the church office.  Needs to be completed for any 2022 show.
  • There’s a club exhibition to plan (if it can go ahead.)

N-club projects

  • I have two small N-club boards that need a layout on them.  I need to plan what to make, and then complete them, for the next time that we actually get to Stuttgart.
  • Ideas might include purely scenic boards, as I have built so far and frankly the most likely to be completed.  Alternatively, I could work on some railway feature with added track – but what and from which continent is more tricky.

Better get on with it!  Well, if you keep reading through the year, you may find out whether I have managed to complete any of these!

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Happy New Year 2022

A Happy New Year to you all!  Once again, I’m sure none of us could have predicted how 2021 turned out.  All one can say is that it was better than 2020!!  Keep safe, and have a good 2022, with plenty of productive modelling.

My wife asked how my 2021 resolutions went.  I said that they’re on track….


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ESNG meeting – Zoom – 29 December 2021

The very last meeting of 2021, for a chat on Zoom.  Paul added his usual assessment on Facebook.

An ESNG Zoom meeting this evening, less than half a dozen attendees, but plenty of topics covered. I don’t think the words ‘Farish’ or ‘Dapol’ were mentioned at all. Plenty of interest in my impending move to the Midlands especially with regard to the size of my model railway layout once rebuilt. All I could say is Watch This Space!

Great to see Phil, who has wisely been isolating over the year.  We’ve decided to carry on with club meetings at the moment – we’ll mask up, and will go back on line either if Boris tells us to, or the other meetings in the hall decide to take a break. 

The usual suspects!  One or two regulars send their apologies – if, “people coming round” or “I’m off to Stamford Bridge” are at all convincing….


And this is also the last post of 2021.  It’s been another “interesting” year.  But at least we have been able to meet as a club for over half of it, and run some trains.  2022 – who knows?  Let’s finish the year with a picture of the club mascot – Earlswood at Earlswood!


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