ESNG meeting – 20 October 2021

Six of the usual suspects on duty tonight….

Plenty of trains on the move, including some of Michael’s stock….


Chris’ EMU’s…..


And the inevitable Japanese additions from Paul…..


Back on Sunday for another session!

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Uckfield MRC exhibition 2021 #2

Back to Uckfield for the rest of the layouts.

Sherton Abbas in finescale ‘0’ is a delightful model, with some excellent modelling,  Yes, it’s a GWR branchline, but it’s set in the Edwardian era, when the GWR was less standardised and generally more interesting than its later years.  Definitely a show highlight!

More ‘0’ gauge, but Irish 5’3″ gauge, a scaled 36.75mm…


Newton Heath works, including ‘0’ and ‘0-16.5’ won the Wild Swan Cameo competition in 2019….


Whilst Clearwater Harbour is just On30, somewhere in North America….


Great Bardfield, in P4, is set in deepest Essex, home of light railways such as the Colne Valley….

Which leaves another GWR branch line, but another very special one.  Modbury is in 2mm finescale and again set in Edwardian days.  There’s some interesting trackwork here, as Ian Smith has modelled some of the track as Brunel’s Baulk Road – it may have been broad gauge at one time.  Another show highlight here, inspiring me to try harder!

The fiddle yard turntables were especially useful to see, with the clever latches at the end.  Lovely rolling stock, as well, especially the coaches.

So, that’s the Uckfield show.  I’m not sure where I’ll try next.  Perhaps Tolworth, as I usually find that a good show and it seems to be going ahead.  We’ll see….

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Uckfield MRC exhibition 2021 #1

I took my life in my hands and visited my first model railway exhibition since covid this afternoon.  Uckfield is one of my favourite shows, so I slipped down there on Sunday afternoon, hoping (reasonably successfully) to miss the crush.

In the end I visited for 45 minutes or so. Enough time to see everything, and chat to a few people that I knew, before it all seemed a bit too crowded.  As always a good show and some excellent layouts. My only criticism was not the show, but the punters. When there are numerous signs politely requesting mask wearing when moving around the hall, why are so many people ignoring it? I’m sure most of them weren’t exempt, just rude and bl**dy minded!  Still, it was great to get back to a show after 18 months or so, but I shall be selective which ones I go to this autumn.

But what about the trains, they said!

We start with Marmagne, a French branch line in H0.  An attractive scene made even better by those wonderful French railcars.  I love the ones with the driver sitting in the roof!

Great to see Graham Bridge exhibiting Southwark Bridge.  A lovely London terminus in ‘N’, and Graham has obviously used lockdown to add some more EMU’s.

Into the main hall, and Axebridge in 00-9.


One of the show highlights was John Greenwood’s 2mm layout.  He has a grand plan to model the western end of the Southern Railway, including Wenfordbridge, Bodmin, Boscarne, Wadebridge and Padstow.  Wadebridge, and the close to complete Padstow, made the trip from his loft to Uckfield.

I’ve seen Wadebridge before, but it bears another close look.  Some lovely scratch built locos are in the engine shed – especially the 2-4-0T Beattie well tank and the 4-4-0 T9.

Padstow is very clever, with the line laid out to loop around the estuary to include the long girder bridge and link up to Wadebridge.

I liked Llawryglyn in EM, a bucolic part of the Cambrian Railway somewhere near Machynlleth.


A less bucolic part of Wales is shown in Llandowdno (00), somewhere in north Wales in BR days and close to closure.

Finally for today, Horsethief Bridge in ‘N’.  American modelling at its best – and simplest – with long trains travelling very slowly at scale speeds through the countryside.  It took about five minutes for a train to travel from one end of the layout to the other – it’s a big layout, but that’s still a crawl!

More layouts next post.

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Michael’s layout – it moves!

Michael and I continued to build his layout on Wednesday.  Well, I did most of it, as I was giving instructions in how to wire it up, and use a soldering iron – and how to melt the plastic on Peco track.  I also found that I’d forgotten to add insulating fishplates at one location, but we managed to extract that piece of track and change fishplates.

And at the end of the session, we had a locomotive running around the main line and into every siding.  Next job, perhaps a little ballasting?


Reading RMweb recently, there was a thread exploring a slightly expanded version of Ian Futer’s ‘Victoria Park.’  I quite like the addition of a central siding between the platform roads.


I recently gave in and bought a cheap copy of the ‘Book of the T9.’  Here are four photos of that long lived and lovely locomotive…


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Ron – the Great Escape! Day 7

Last day of the holidays…..

An overcast day. This morning we took the boat from Interlaken to Brienz. Was thinking of taking train to the Rothorn but the train was full and 90 minutes wait for next one and the low cloud changed my mind. Instead took train back to Interlaken to do some shopping. Two of the group were taking a paragliding trip so the rest of us met up to watch them land. After a group drink came back to hotel to start packing. Will not be doing emails tomorrow as we leave tomorrow on 6.18am local time (5.18 UK time) arriving in St Pancras at 6.33pm.

We start at Kleine Schiedegg

Boningen and Iseltwalt



And the last message from Ron….

Did not know the concrete cows had emigrated from Milton Keynes


Thanks, Ron, as ever, for sharing some interesting photographs – I think concrete cows is a first from the Dawes school of snaps!  I suppose I’ll have to think up something original to write for the next blog.  I hope to get to Uckfield exhibition over the weekend, so should have some pictures to share.

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Ron – the Great Escape! Day 6

Just a quick touristy report from Ron today….

Highlight of the trip a visit to Jungfraujoch. Came up through cloud and can now see mountains rising ftom the clouds


One more day to go, with some trains….

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ESNG meeting – 10 October 2021

Eight members gathered this afternoon for the AGM and running day.  It was good to see the Treasurer back after having a heart pacemaker fitted.  There were, of course, the essential jokes that he had now gone DCC, and that he’d be able to control the trans by waving his arm up and down.

We gathered at 2pm and set up the layout, pausing at 3 for an hour’s AGM before returning to the important task of running more trains.  We ran a good variety of stock. 

Allan and Brian had new locomotives from Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I had bought an old Minitrix diesel to haul my troop train.  Aged but a nice model, and it weighs a ton!

And after a five year wait, my Gaugemaster Electro-diesel has finally arrived

Simon was running steam and diesel USA freight trains, incl


More Dutch trains from Brian….

Allan also ran this KESR permanent way train.  Did you know that a Dogfish was a Shark?


Paul had this lovely Japanese Railways inspection saloon on show….


And of course, Paul also had Thomas’ Japanese relation on show!

Paul took these pictures of ‘Thomas-san’, and summed up the afternoon….

The East Surrey N Gauge Group AGM took place this afternoon. Many topics were discussed, a rise in Annual and meeting Subscriptions were agreed to ensure that the group can continue. Our main concern is the dwindling number of active members, but this seems to be the case with many other clubs.

And, as usual, Brian captured the action on film…

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Ron – the Great Escape! Day 5

Another day, another spot of tourism….

Overcast with outbreaks of rain. Free day. Whilst majority of party headed to Murren and the Schilthorn, I went to Luzern for a round boat trip to Vitznau. Turned out I made the right choice as the party going to the Schilthorn could not see a lot!

We start at Meiringen.


On to Luzern….


A look at the town…

And then we take to the water….

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Ron – the Great Escape! Day 4

An interesting day out – though not entirely sure that the weather has improved!

Started wet saw some snow (see below) and ended up sunny. Group trip up Schyniger Platte. On way up passed through cloud and saw snow on trees. When we got to the top it was trying to snow with lying snow. We were left to our own devices and allowed to come down on our our own. All but two of us went into the restaurant for coffee and apple strudel. The cloud was then lifting. I joined a few of the group in an early descent and I went through to Thun and caught last boat back to Interlaken

It was only a matter of time before the apple strudel got a mention…..

Schyniger Platte. Not sure what the locals are smoking!  “See what i mean about snow….”

But it looks like the weather did improve…..

Please do not pick the flowers…..

Meanwhile, back down at Wilderswil….

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Ron – the Great Escape! Day 3

Ron continues to enjoy great British weather…. in Switzerland!

Woke up to heavy rain and excused myself from group trip to Interlaken, using my free passes went through Lotschberg base tunnel to Brig then along Rhobe Valley to Lausanne and came back via Berne. On way back walked through Interlaken and saw a lot of the familiar shops had closed or changed hands and in one case gone upmarket. Despite seeing some sun got off train at Wilderswil in the rain.

Just a few photos today – and the weather does look foul!!!!

Brig.  Not sure why the sky has gone green????


Lake Geneva…..

And a few Day 4 photos of Wilderswil.

Lots of train pictures in the next post, so don’t go away.

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