B**x** free zone!

Just to show that things could be worse, this man in Austria seems to have a steady job.  It may take some time to get the trains running, though.  Are you there, Ron?

Is this the world’s most dangerous commute – worse than Southern, even?

Manila’s ‘trolley boys’
One way to travel in the Philippine capital, Manila, is by trolley. Passengers choose this unofficial transport service because it’s quicker and cheaper than other options. For the homeless community that runs the illegal service, it puts food on the table. But it’s also incredibly dangerous.

And one of the neatest switching layouts around.


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ESNG PlayDay – 13 January 2019

Eight of us made it to Sunday’s PlayDay.  After the usual curry lunch, we resisted the temptation of an afternoon nap, and put the layout together.  It was a bit smaller than recent meetings, as Paul couldn’t bring his Kato modules along, but there was still plenty of room for trains to stretch their legs.

Simon’s Santa Fe reefer train….

Is overtaken by Brian’s Spanish PW train…..

Dave’s station model continues to impress, with the church now in place….


Japanese rolling stock waits in the fiddle yard….

Before being added to Paul’s loooong goods train.  The curry seems to have beaten Derek and Allan!

And I got around to testing my second-hand 4-CEP.  Ran like a watch!

And some video from Brian…..

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Bognor Regis MRC show 2019

Derek & I paid a visit to the Bognor show this morning.  It’s a pretty drive down to the south coast, and far more pleasant than battling up to Stevenage.  The Bognor show might not have been as good, but it was half the price to get in – and the bacon rolls didn’t run out like the last time I went to Stevenage.

One interesting (or maybe depressing) observation was the price of second hand items from the traders.  The prices seemed so high – in some cases an extra £5 would have bought a new item.  But on to the layouts….

Coleford in oo9 and based on a real Forest of Dean line featured some very nice trackwork, mainly cut-and-shut from Peco narrow gauge track.  I liked the man pushing his van out of the station yard.

Glasgow Emerald was interesting as that rarity, a British ‘HO’ scale layout.  An interesting twin level design in the blue diesel era.


Deansmoor is based on a ply-faced door and models the Stockport area.  I liked the most realistic (and tensioned) overhead wiring.


Oakley Green is based on some corner of the Southern Region in the 1970’s.

Lemmingon Park offers ‘HO’ American switching.  With a name like that, it’s a wonder that the trains didn’t keep driving off the end of the layout onto the floor….

A lovely model of the Hastings Tramways….


The preservation scene at Oakley.

1930’s summer by the sea in 3mm scale – Exebridge.


Finally, Richard Hance’s little layout sailing under a false flag.  Don’t ask…..

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Odds and s**s

I’ve found the modelling mojo on the low side recently – a mixture of Christmas busy-ness, cold weather, and too much NGSE exhibition planning I guess.  However, I hope to have some workbench pictures to show soon – I’ve been working on some of my old Lehigh Valley stock.  But more of that another time.

For now, just be grateful that our hobby is mostly constructive…..

And unusual prototype of the week.  Twi Canadian snowploughs for an interurban railroad, The Toronto & York, one being double ended.

I’m fascinated by the trolley poles. I suspect they were required to activate signals. But they could also be there to power an onboard air compressor to lift the flanger blades at crossings. On a non-electric line, that air is supplied by a locomotive – which would also supply propulsion. But this is an electric line, so maybe they took advantage of that? Fortunately, one doesn’t need to know the answer to model The Electric Snowplow and have a wicked conversation piece.


I recall that Pacific Electric/Southern Pacific did something similar with diesel switchers, another interesting model!


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Some inspiring shots of Waterloo station from this site.

In 1912.  Wonderful locomotives, and short trains.

In 1964.  Green electrics and looks like a rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 departing.

In 1971.  Blue-grey coaches and Warship diesels.  But note hoe the bomb-sites on the right are still not developed, with some seedy Lambeth terraced housing still standing in the otherwise empty areas.


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Just three months to go….

Just three months to the N Gauge SouthEast exhibition.  Hopefully it’s all coming together, though there may be a few sleepless nights on the way.  I’m hoping that the Railway Modeller will include the following in an edition before April (it won’t be much use after…)

An anniversary and a new show

East Surrey N Gauge celebrates 21 years of modular railway modelling and its 21st exhibition in 2019. This year’s show, titled N Gauge SouthEast will be our largest to date and is to be a joint show with the N Gauge Forum. There will be over 25 ‘N’ gauge layouts on display, including Ambleton Vale, Banbury, Forrestone, Lightermans Yard, Millfield Yard and Wenlock. There will be modular layouts from East Surrey N Gauge and the West Sussex ‘N’ Gauge MRC. 12 specialist traders and 3 society stands will complete the show.

The show will be held on Saturday 6th April 2019 at Riddlesdown Collegiate, Honister Heights, Purley, Surrey, CR8 1EX. The school offers level access and plenty of parking, and there will be a shuttle minibus from Purley Station.
For further details, see the exhibition website, and the Societies and Clubs entry.

East Surrey N Gauge meets twice monthly in Redhill, where the club modular layout is set up and is available for running trains from all corners of the world. For details, see the club website.

http://www.ngaugesoutheast.co.uk & http://www.esng.club

Actually, this will be ESNG’s 22nd anniversary in September, but 21 sounds better!

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ESNG meeting – 3 January 2019

A new year – just.  The three members who were there at 7:30pm wondered whether it might be best to just go home.  The Cha(I)rman was on an early milk round again, and the Treasurer was still away seeing family.  But then five others arrived, with trains, so we (slightly reluctantly but very quickly) got a circuit up and running.

Some members still didn’t look very happy…  🙂

Some lovely decoration on this coach…

But these locomotives seem a little over the top?

Plenty going on in the fiddle yard.

Super-power from Simon.  And predictably, this train overloaded the controller and ground to a halt!

Deliveries to a Ford works somewhere in the UK….

Equally predictably, I was too busy talking to test my new-ish 4-CEP.  Maybe I’ll give it a go at the PlayDay in 10 days time.


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