Ron on the road again #5

Day 5, and not much sunbathing for Ron:

Another snowfall overnight.  Decided to do the last long trip of my holiday and travelled by Reichenau and Disentis to Andermatt.  Intended to take photos of the Oberalppass but it was a whiteout as was the descent to Andermatt.  Had a walk in falling snow into the village for a hot drink and a cake.  On return journey did not want to wait 20 minutes on cold platform at Reichenau so travelled by Chur where I managed to pick up items requested from home.  Just been held nearly 10 minutes at Thusis as on coming train had technical problems.  What was rain in Chur is now turning to snow.

Views from the hotel in the morning


Rhine gorge



Reicenau Tamins


Carriage connection on my train to Andermatt

Andermatt station.  I reckon the Apres-Ski Bar is the best place to be in weather like this!


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Ron on the road again #4

Day 4, and like all good Brits, Ron is reporting on the weather:

A funny day weather wise.  Started off snowing when I caught train to Chur but had left the snow behind when I reached the Rhine Balley.  I caught the train to Stallen to do a round trip through Appenzellerland during which I had hail, sleet, snow and sun.  Arriving back in St Gallen I walked round the town before having a snack.  When waiting for train back I could see it was snowing heavily but within 5 minutes the sun was shining.

Starting with Ron’s hotel…

St Gallen


Chur Train entering Filisur in the rain

Sargans – interesting looking unit?




Outside Appenzell station. You wait ages for a bus and then they turn up together

Outside St Gallen station.  I like the bendy-trolleybuses!


St Gallen station


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Ron on the road again #3

Day 3, and more snow:

Woke up this morning to find there had been by UK standards a heavy snowfall overnight, most of which had melted by the time I got back this afternoon.  Decided to head south and caught 0800 to Samedan for connection to Pontresina and the Bernina Line.  I was surprised to find a snowplough truck attached to the front of the unit.  Sitting in first carriage I could see the snow forced out to the side of the train sometimes blocking the view.  I stayed on for the whole journey to Tirano in Italy but the snowplough was taked off at Poschiavo and the blades were white even though we had run out of the snow area and were running under a clear blue sky.  Having spent 40 minutes in Italy, I took the train back to Alp Grum for an hour’s refreshment break (hot chocolate and apple strudel).  I travelled back via St Moritz but the train back to Filisur was like a rush hour commuter train.

Filisur this morning

Bernina Diavolezza

Lake by Ospizia Bernin

View from train at Alp Grum


Tirano, Italy

Views at Alp Grum

Lake at St Moritz

Back of train from Davos Platz

0800 crossing at Filisur. Train to Chur on left train to St Moritz entering Filisur

Slightly blurred, but worthwhile shot of snow plough on train to Tirano at Pontresina

Italian train ready to leave Tirano for Milan.  The weather has looked up!

Rust bucket in sidings at Tirano (Italian side) RhB in background

Italian units in sidings at Tirano

Brusio Spiral

St Moritz station


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Ron on the road again #2

Day 2, and plenty of snow in evidence!

A cold day started clear but the weather changed.  Went down to Chur and caught train to Arosa.  On leaving Chur it was starting to snow and by Arosa it was light but steady.  Decided to take a walk before catching the train but the light snow became a blizzard so dived to the cake shop/cafe we have used before for a hot chocolate and a cake until it relented.  When it had eased off I had 50 minutes wait for next train so rather than freeze on sthe tation I took a walk around the frozen lake.  On returning to Chur took train via Klosters to Samedan and for most of the journey it was verging on white out conditions.  It was snowing heavily in Samedan whilst I waited for train back to Filisur where light snow is falling.

Filisur am

Filisur pm

0800 Filisur to Chur

Langweis viaduct

Arosa station


Arosa bus

Carriage on Arosa to Chur station

Chur post bus station

Chur station


Samedan station


Arosa.  These pictures shows just how much snow they have had.




View from bedroom window – rather different from yesterday.

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Ron on the road again #1

Next few days will have some of Ron’s Swiss travels, transport with a bit of scenery thrown in for good measure.  I just hope he’s home by March 29th….

An early start – left home at 0445 GET for 0725 flight from Heathrow to Basel.  Landed 15 minutes early but a bumpy landing due to strong winds.  Just missed bus into town and as a result had to wait 45 minutes for next train to Chur, not helped by a late change of platform.  Just arrived in Filisur at 1500 CET.  Hope to make quick trip to Davos and back at 1600.

RHINE Valley at Sargans


He does know how to have a good time!!!!!

Albula Valley

View from Ron’s hotel room

Tram station and airport bus outside Basel SBB


Basel SBB


A famous spot – RhB train entering tunnel from Landwasser Viaduct – looks better in Switzerland than on a GWR branch line?

Took 1604 to Davos Platz and am now waiting for the 1731 back to Filisur.  There was a lot more lying snow which I believe is due to the valley not getting the sun.  Here are some more photos taken from the platform.


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ESNG PlayDay – 10 March 2019

A busy Sunday afternoon with 13 members and friends at the PlayDay.  The curry house was rather busy for once, so Miles had some competition for his fourth helpings.  And a pleasant surprise was Duncan and Davida joining us.  Duncan has gone over to the dark side of Nm, but was meeting up with John B to look at the Alpenbahn cable car.  Here they are, trying to adjust the electronics to give an acceleration appropriate neither for a Ferrari nor an Reliant Robin.

It was also good to see Geoff, who had brought some German stock along…

What a collection….

Red DB locomotives:  Brian’s UK aggregate train….

And from Germany, Derek’s locos and Allan’s oil tankers.


And some video from Brian…..

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ESNG meeting – 7 March 2019

A busy evening, with 11 members in attendance.  Paul was testing some old Farish Class 50’s – perhaps to sell them before the new Dapol one appears?

A couple of Mr Atfield’s bargains seemed to be running well….

‘Tother Paul was back – and Kitty came along too….

Peter’s new module is coming together well….


Spot the deliberate mistake from Neil.  Both Pullman liveried Class 73’s are real names and numbers, but one became the other – you’d never have seen them together.

Paul was packing out the fiddle yard again.  What do you call a group of bullet trains?

Wonder how many will turn out for Sunday’s PlayDay?



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