ESNG meeting – 5th June 2014

Not much to report on this meeting.  A good turnout and an interesting variety of trains running.  Pick of the bunch was the new Bachmann ‘Deltic’.  They have retooled this already good model into something special.  The end curves on diesels are always tricky to get right, even with 3-D scanning and suchlike.  This model just right.  I understand that the wheels are slightly undersized, to keep the body low on the bogies.  Looking at the model, this looks a worthwhile compromise, as it looks low and mean, just like the prototype.  As a teenager, I spend some happy hours at Kings Cross station spotting Deltics.  They were in British Rail blue, but made even corporate blue look good.


My model should arrive today in the post – I have chosen the version with the early all green ends.  I suppose I shall have to buy some coaches for it to pull…

Apart from the Deltic, Ted was running a Norfolk and Western SD70 plus a long train of Coalporters.  All Kato, and thus running impeccably.   And Paul had one of the longest Japanese goods trains I have ever seen.  It was nearly catching up with its own tail.  Derek was running another Terrier, dwarfed (just like the real thing) but two coaches.

And get well soon to Cha(I)rman Allan, who is suffering from a nasty abscess on the neck.

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