Jon’s modules – I hate wiring and a new train

Yes, I truly hate wiring.  I finished wiring up the third module on Christmas Eve.  It all seemed so straightforward.  I got the basic feeds in place, and wired up the plug sockets at each end of the board.  I fitted the point motors, fitted the operating switches onto the baseboard facia and wired them to the motors.  All worked perfectly, after swapping polarities on a couple of switches so that the switch movement matched that of the point.

Trains were also running on the main lines.  I then drew a careful diagram of the point frog connections as supplied through the point motors.  A very careful diagram to make sure that it all worked without any nasty short circuits.  I wired it all up point by point.  Working…. working…. then a short.  I checked it several times and everything matched my wiring diagram.  So back to checking everything, connection after connection.

Finally, after swapping a couple of wires, success!   Trains moving over all the board and just one more to go.  This should be genuinely easy (ha ha) as most track is just fed from the adjacent board.

And some better news.  You may recall how disciplined I was at Stuttgart in not buying a lovely Kato Illinois Central passenger train.  Logic overcame lust (I think).  It was beautiful, but it was very expensive and not my part of the USA – the northeast.

However I was still hankering after a new train to run at club nights, and here it is.  Not as pretty as the Illinois Central one, but shorter, cheaper, and being Penn Central, at least it is from the northeast, if a little modern for my tastes.


So what do we have here?

  • A Kato E8A
  • A Walthers New York Central baggage car
  • 4 Kato Penn Central coaches
  • A Rapido Amtrak Phase 1 sleeper
  • A Kato Southern Pacific Club Car (on safari with a tycoon from the west)

I’m not sure how strictly accurate this all is.  But it looks pretty good together, and makes a varied and colourful train.  I’ll post some more pictures when I give it a run on club night.

Boxing Day update.  Most of the wiring for that last board completed.  But not totally complete and not tested – so there may be fun and games still to come.

The budgie has flown to Hong Kong for a weeks work today.  Posting will, I hope, continue, albeit less frequently.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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