‘OO’ Locos – Jon’s old trains #4

Last of my old ‘OO’ stock packed away were a number of Southern Railway locomotives.


The two tank engines both run on the old Hornby ‘R1’ chassis.  The ex-LSWR  ‘G6’ on the left was my first cast kit (by Wills).  It has had several liveries, and the chassis is just about worn out after running for many real miles.  I was obviously trying to spruce up the body when I packed all these engines away, as the boiler seam had been refilled, and I’d added a shunter’s handrail to the bunker.  I have a nearly finished ‘O’ gauge G6 upstairs, and I’d like to build an ‘N Brass’ 2mm version.

The loco on the right is an ex-LBSCR E5, another Wills kit.  A later model, that still looks quite smart in Southern green.


An early modelling success was my upgrade of the Triang Southern Railway ‘L1’.  One of Triang’s better models, it has had scale wheels fitted to loco and tender, new handrails and pipework, and a fair effort at a fully lined livery.  It looked the part, but despite the new wheels, could hardly pull the skin off a rice pudding, and tried to do it at 100 mph.


Another Wills kit, the Southern ‘Q’ goods locomotive.  This was originally in lined green, but I’ve slopped some black over it at some time.  The loco has again been converted to run with ‘Romford’ scale wheels.  This wasn’t quite such a good job as the L1, as I think I bent a coupling rod slightly, and it wasn’t very free running.


My perennial failure was this Wills LSWR ‘T9’.  It’s had several chassis, new coupling rods, several liveries, and never really ran properly.  All this was in the days before compensation, transferring weight from tender to locomotive through the draw bar and the like.  I might do a little better now (or probably just buy the excellent Hornby model).


My father had all the same problems with his Wills LSWR ‘M7’, but managed to get it going rather better than I did.  He always was much more patient than his son….


And after this came a dabble in EM gauge, then on to ‘O’.  This GER tram engine, dating from the early 1970’s, was a pre-formed plastic kit, with some added detail, running on a Lima motor bogie.  It goes like a rocket, quite unlike the original.  The plastic cowcatcher is broken at the far end, and the plastic roof is quite brittle, but it still looks the part.



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