ESNG meeting – 5 February 2015

I think this evening has been coming for some time.  At 7:30 there were only four members present, so we retreated to armchairs and waited for reinforcements.  Even the Cha(i)rman had cried off with a cold, so there was no milk for the tea.

Two more members did roll up eventually, but we had decided not to put a circuit up for the meeting.  Of course, we also had a visitor turn up to see what we did on a club night.  Not a lot in this case, but we had a good chat, debating the contents, or rather lack of contents, of the Bachmann 2020-2021, sorry, 2015-2016 catalogue.  We wondered how anyone could charge £8 to announce that very little was being produced.  Graham, hope you come back for the PlayDay Sunday afternoon!

China factories have been a problem for all model railway companies, USA, UK and Europe (even Japan and Kato have slowed production of international models).  But we thought that our UK manufacturers have lost the drive they had in the past.  Perhaps it’s a desire to make more accurate models, but in the past, Grafar would make a mould of a prototype, and generate as many versions and liveries as possible from it.  Perhaps a few of them would be slightly wrong in detail, but most ‘N’ gauge modellers would be delighted to have something very close to correct in the livery they want.

A good example is the Bachmann-Farish 4-CEP unit.  There are a whole range of liveries that could be reasonably accurately applied, including the Network Southeast ‘toothpaste’ and the ‘Jaffa cake’ liveries.  And a small amount of tooling would make a buffet car for a 4-BEP unit.  Surely most of us with a 4-CEP would go out and buy a 4-BEP?

Come Sunday, I’ll hopefully be running my latest Ebay capture, a nice three car set of Farish BR Suburban coaches in crimson.  ESNG members, see you there!

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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