Has Rolls-Royce created the train of the future?

From the Daily Telegraph….

A new generation of more efficient, quieter and greener trains could be coming to Britain’s railway lines, driven by a new hybrid power system built by Rolls-Royce.The company – best known for its aircraft engines but which also has creates engines used on land and at sea – is developing a combined diesel-electric system that also incorporates batteries.

The system also utilises regenerative braking systems first seen in Formula 1 cars. These store energy in the batteries that is created by slowing down, and which would otherwise be wasted.

MTU, which comes under Rolls’ power systems division, has been testing the new design on a Siemens train for four years in Germany, in partnership with rail operator Deutsche Bahn.
The new system has been found to be 25pc more fuel-efficient than current trains and much quieter.

Rolls believes that its hybrid system could help Britain regain the leading role the country once held at the forefront of rail technology, and said its sees the UK as a “key” market.

I did like one comment on this article….

With the amount of slowing down our trains seem to do the adoption of regenerative braking systems will surely mean that they will run for next to nothing.


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