Nice work (or not) if you can get it!

The Telegraph tells us that, “French rail worker paid £3,500 to do ‘absolutely nothing’ for 12 years files ‘complaint'”

A French employee of national rail operator SNCF earned €5,000 per month after tax since 2003 for doing “nothing”, but in a Gallic twist has filed for “compensation” saying the sinecure ruined his promising career .

I should have tried this last year, when they tried (and failed) to make me redundant.  However, someone would have pointed out that my career was no longer promising…

Charles Simon told French media that his employer, which runs France’s trains including the fast TGVs, took him off his day job in 2003 after he blew the whistle on a case of suspected fraud to the tune of €20 million.

Since then he has received €5,000 per month net while staying at home with the status “available” for work….

However, rather than simply taking the money and enjoying his free time, he said he wrote several letters to Guillaume Pepy, the president of the SNCF, asking for “compensation”.

“I am asking for recognition for the wrong this has caused me because if I hadn’t been side-lined, I could have had a fine career,” he said.

He added that he hoped his predicament as a “whistle blower’ would help others placed in “the cupboard” – given a sinecure – after having denounced fraud.

I’m marginally more sympathetic than I am to London Underground drivers.  Still the article came with this photograph (of trains, not of the fraud).

D933F2 A TGV awaits departure at Tours railway station in France.

D933F2 A TGV awaits departure at Tours railway station in France.

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