ESNG meeting – 16 December 2015

Another busy evening, and I again took home the Brighton Belle unopened.  We had 10 members present, plus a most excellent chocolate cake from Miles and Sue.  The cake went home smaller, and we went home larger.  It seemed to be a UK-free evening on the circuit, with a variety of Japanese, American and Continental stock on view.  Pride of place went to Paul’s Christmas special, with a snowman and (out 0f gauge) Christmas tree on low-loaders, and Thomas, Annie and Claribel being towed to the scrapyard.

And after the weekend’s exhibition, it ‘clicked’ how to lay out the main school hall for the 2016 ESNG show.  No N-club, I’m afraid, but an ‘L’ shaped layout much as we set up at the weekend.  This will allow me to complete the square with the ‘L’ shaped Azuza Street layout.  Come the New Year, it will be time to start emailing exhibitors and to start the final run in to April.

ESNG_2016_1 ESNG_2016_2

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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