BREXIT – Quo Vadis?

Not wanting to get into politics, but this had to be posted!


At least I could watch the results come in during a morning at work in Singapore.

And, sorry, but I’m DISGUSTED.  As a minor point, I hope all UK model railway enthusiasts voted ‘remain’ – the immediate result of a weak pound will put the cost of USA, European and Japanese models up.  And of course, where are British models made – China – so we’ll see yet another price hike for Farish and Dapol!

Maybe it’s time to buy those bargains you were wondering about NOW.

(PS As an added blow, my wife tells me that the beloved family budgie died at an early age as the results came in.  He was ill, so it was unlikely to be due to shock.  I’m suggesting that we call the replacement Brexit.)

(PPS At least we don’t have Donald Trump on our side of the pond – at least only on a visit.  Look on the bright side of life….)

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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3 Responses to BREXIT – Quo Vadis?

  1. Phil Nurthen says:

    The decision has been made.
    No point in blathering on about it anymore.
    Time to get stuck in and do something about it.
    Make it work, and treat it as an opportunity to do great things.


  2. Phil, you may well be right! But a lot of thinking is needed as to why certain groups voted in a certain way – it draws out the divisions in our nation – and what can be done about it. Perhaps what worries me most is that it is far easier to destroy something than to make it work. I think the most vocal of the ‘Leave’ campaign have absolutely no idea how to get stuck in, do something about it, and make it work.
    And I still like the picture of Henry in the tunnel…..


  3. Phil Nurthen says:

    You’re right about it being easier to destroy than to make things work, and it seems as though the Scots are intent upon the destruction of the United Kingdom.


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