Jon’s modules – Mojo come, Mojo go….

The modelling mojo comes and goes!  I’ve had a bit of free time over the last few weeks, and I should have been starting my new module for Stuttgart.  I was going to use a Watlhers art-décor rail bridge, as below, for a small scenic module, but somehow, the idea didn’t really excite.

And I should have been getting on with my modular layout, illustrated below, but as one does, I seem to have decided that I don’t like what I’ve built.  Somehow, the track layout looks far better on the plan below, than it does in the flesh.  It just seems too big for what it is, although it is probably well below scale size.  In fact, the right hand module has already been rebuilt to become the N-Club ‘clubhouse’ scenic module.

I had been impressed with this little switching layout (actually O gauge) that appeared in Model Railway Hobbyist.  The simple track layout looks good to operate (and is, if the article is anything to go by.)

So, decision time.  I’ll drop one module from the plan.  I can keep the trackwork on the left hand module, with an added headshunt, but relay the right hand board.  This layout feels more manageable, will provide a pleasant hour or two’s switching, and will actually fit into an alcove in the loft, making better use of room.  And it can still be joined to a larger N-Club system.  Mojo sorted!

And the spare 800mm module can form the basis for my Stuttgart module.  A purchase from DM models in Germany got me a Faller iron foundry within 3 days (quicker than within the UK), and I’ll be putting together a scenic industrial board.  Although the building is German in origin, it’s generic enough to represent an American or UK structure.  I’ve already started work on this board – mojo again sorted!


And on a different note, I was having a sort out of my railway cupboards, and came across a quantity of HO equipment, purchased on the off-chance I’d build a small HO line one day.  This hasn’t happened, so I though it was time to sell, with a few of the trams and other N-gauge Japanese stock from Kuritu that I didn’t want.

A list emailed to Hatton’s produced a sensible offer within 24 hours, and a pre-paid parcel label.  I packaged it all up, and sent it off, and am awaiting the money to arrive in my account.  No doubt I could have earned more by selling it on FleaBay, but when they had taken their cut, plus the hassle and risk of selling individually, I was pleased and impressed by Hatton’s service.

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