Links – Modules down under +The Flying Scotsman

A couple of links to start the month…..

N Scale Modellers, Australia, have an on-line magazine that is free to read and download.  Fun to have a browse, not only to see the Australian models, but also to see a down-under interpretation of railways elsewhere in the world, including the UK.  There’s some good modelling and good ideas to investigate here.

And the latest issue celebrates 20 years of the ‘AusTrak’ modular system.  Another variation on all the modular variations worldwide.  There’s a good review of alternative modular systems, although a bit dated.  Here’s a graphic showing some possible systems:

The magazine says that:

To date there have been 536 AusTrak manuals sold Australia wide, and over 2800 people have accessed the downloadable version. There are at least four model railway clubs with AusTrak modules either completed or under construction, and the interest in Austrak continues to grow.

It seems that in Australia, as the UK, the room (and time) for model railways continues to decrease, and interest in modular systems thus increases.  There are some good photographs of Austrak modules included.

Although I get a little frustrated at the continual articles on the Flying Scotsman, this one from the Daily Telegraph is a good read, with a focus on driving and firing it…..

Photo: Charlotte Graham-Guzelian

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