Well, I’ve had my blogging holiday, thanks to Allan and Ron, so it’s back to the same old….

A couple or three links to get us going.

Some wonderful 100 year old pre-grouping photographs, found during a house clearance.

Piccadilly tube station has hidden depths (or is it widths?) – London’s old Piccadilly Circus Station was rebuilt in the 1920s in order to deal with an increase in commuters.  However, the abandoned tunnels were later used to shelter Londoners during World War Two.  The history of the station is now being marked with a tour and an exhibition at the London Transport Museum.

Another reason why Brexit is a poor idea? – The UK’s train operators are to pull out of the Interrail scheme, which has allowed unlimited train travel across Europe for a fixed price for almost 50 years.

But one day later, they’ve changed their minds!  Pity the government couldn’t do the same!!!

The Gakunan in 2mm finescale narrow gauge – just lovely modelling, and not a bullet train in sight (sorry Paul!)

(Picture RMWeb)


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