Paul in Japan #1

Paul has abandoned the greens of Selsdon for a visit to Japan.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be pinching his best photos from Facebook for a wider audience (both of you.)

Sunrise at 37,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

Oh look, model trains…. I knew I should have applied for an increase on my credit card limit before I came out here.

A bit of luck at Shin-Osaka. The new N700 Supreme Bullet Train. This was one of my targets to see on this trip, so that was one down on the first day!

The ultimate in tasteful trains….

‘Hello Kitty’ Shinkansen at Himeji. Edited off a RAW file, just a pity the set was rather dirty and the sun wasn’t out!

And a different Kitty (I think)….

I’ve seen Paul’s model of this one, and I think it has a sort of Trojan ship look, with a helmet at the front and portholes….

One of the reasons I went to Kansai Airport, the Nankai Electric Railway Rapi’T

He’s getting around a bit!

A few trains from today at Osaka and Nagasaki.

More later in the week.

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