ESNG meeting – 13 June 2021

A boiling hot Sunday afternoon, and England playing their first game in the Euros.  Five of us had a rather more sedate afternoon running trains, and very pleasant it was too.

It didn’t take long to set up the layout.  Dare I say, that it’s easier with less people…..


Chris and I both ran a ‘real’ UK goods train…..


Paul had his usual Japanese contribution…..


Brian was in deepest Europe….


And also filming my IOW Terrier, as Graham’s USA express passed in the background…..


Paul had his usual sage summing up on Facebook…..

An afternoon playing trains. Very enjoyable, nice to have regular club meetings again. Sunday’s only for me until September owing to my early starts at work through the summer.

And we’re back on Wednesday for another meeting.

No Chairman today, as he’s on holiday.  Ron has sent some snaps of a cream tea to me, and I shall have to post them over the next few days.

And to finish, another modelling video from Brian.  No doubt one of this afternoon will follow soon….

Doetinchem – Bijna Maar Niet is a model railway layout in N Gauge.

In real life, Doetinchem is served by rail services from Arnhem to Winterswijk with two stations, one in the city centre – Doetinchem and Doetinchem De Huet lying to the west between the suburbs of De Huet and Dichteren. In 2012, Arriva, took over the rail services.

Most of what you see is from my imagination rather than an accurate film of the location, but I’ve tried to replicate some of the area in my designs.

I tried to obtain a Class E186 in Dutch livery, but they have sold out around the world, so I had one last option – a Lineas branded E186 from Scograil – an excellent model rail shop based in Ipswich, England.

Lineas is a large European freight operation in Benelux countries including The Netherlands.

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