non-ESNG meeting – 7 July 2021

No club meeting on Wednesday, due to half of the six due to attend having football-related excuses.  I declined to stand in for the missing members for obvious reasons.  I commented after the event:

Worth missing ESNG for!

However, Derek, Derek and Chris met up at Mr Atfield’s for a non-football related tea and chat, so the evening wasn’t without a meeting. I dropped round for 20 minutes to say hallo, then home for the real action!

At least Sunday’s kick off doesn’t clash with the final. Amazingly, Mr Dawes says that he’ll miss the curry to get home for the match.

Ian responded….. 

It certainly was Jon !!! – never experienced anything like it, just amazing!!

Roll on Sunday eh, I think it will be an almighty encounter but hopefully we will get the job finished – they deserve it.

Watching the team sing Sweet Caroline with the crowd at the end was priceless 🙂

However, the remaining three members did get together, and had a very successful meeting.  Derek (Atfield) writes:

Three intrepid members escaped the attractions of sport on 7 July and met at mine for cha and a chat. Joined by the secretary for a few minutes before he succumbed to the football bug, discussion ranged from trains to boats to hovercraft and flying and back to trains and the repairs needed to keep the club modules serviceable. Membership numbers and attendance levels were also discussed. Like all unscripted meetings, it overran considerably – Mr Apps blamed his watch battery for failing at 9.30 but I suggest the rule of 3 applied (two people get a job done quicker than one, but three will always find something else to talk about). We ended our meeting after a final cuppa about 11.15!! Chris went home with a coupling to repair a Farish wagon and Mr Apps with his tail between his legs to repair his wife’s anxiety.

Fortunately, Sunday’s kick off is 8:00pm, so the afternoon meeting will go ahead!

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