ESNG meeting – 1 March 2023

We met for another pre-meeting work party, and the five of us sorted out a number of odds and ends on the fiddle yard.  In particular, we think that we have fixed the microswitches that were playing up, and added a second screw to fix them tightly in place.


We began to work on, or at least discuss, the trackwork for Mr Atfield’s club corners.  We should be able to get these completed in good time now.


Then Mr Apps produced this wonderful piece of work!  A ship in a bottle made some 50 years ago.  We understand that (1) the ship hull is in four parts, to get it into the bottle, and was glued together in the bottle, (2) Mrs Apps went out due to the language required to get the ship suitably launched, and (3), Derek didn’t first drink the contents of the bottle.  It’s a beautiful little model that we can appreciate even if we prefer things that run on rails.


We also discussed the need for a new N-club fiddle yard, but decided that actually, we had enough built or half built, boards not to need a new one.  Job done!

We finished the afternoon with the chairman visiting the chippy, and supper together.  We waited for more members and had given up on running when two turned up shortly before 8.  So we had a chat with them and packed up anyway.  Sorry, folks!

I’ll finish with a few gratuitous pictures.  Nice shot of LSWR B4 shunters in Southampton Docks, two of them with the original small cab.


Another picture of Allentown in 1954.


And for the aircraft modeller, Croydon Airport control tower in 1920.  Now that’s what I call basic!

AHFJN8 Croydon Aerodrome

AHFJN8 Croydon Aerodrome

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