2mm Scale Association Diamond Jubilee Expo – 2

Today, we’ll look at the ‘medium’ sized layouts, that takes in anything that isn’t tiny and isn’t enormous.  These are the sort of layouts that the average punter could build – not ‘lifetime’ layouts like those in the my last post.

St Ruth is familiar from the exhibition circuit, but is always worth another look.  I love the semi-relief buildings of the town in the background, and the way the features of the beach have been captured.


The layout makes good use of ‘N’ rolling stock, rewheeled, but these lovely early GWR steam locos can be seen lurking in a remote siding, along with some early carriages.


We come to one of my show favourites – Freshwater.  Isle of Wight, Terriers, small branch line terminus – what isn’t there to like?  I’ve seen this layout many times, but there’s always something new to see (though Ian Morgan says that it’s nearly finished now.)  This time there are a lot more flowers and vegetation to be seen.  On the platform (third from left in a white shirt) is the slightly rotund layout builder.  He claims that extra plastic was needed to 3D print him!  Mind you, we had much the same conversation at ESNG a few days earlier.  This ended with, “I’d never have a model of you on my layout.”  Charming!


Another thing to note is how the rolling stock has progressively become more authentic.  Originally, the goods vehicles were typical Southern Railway stock, but Ian has slowly replaced them with models of the wagons that actually ran on the Isle of Wight.


Moretonhampstead was a small GWR terminus on the edge of Dartmoor.  A bucolic scene with few trains, but plenty of very well observed scenery, and rolling stock, to enjoy.


Llangerisech is a familiar layout on the southern exhibition circuit.  Somewhere in North Wales, it features a mixture of GWR and LMS, converted ‘N’ and scratch built locos and rolling stock.


Ivybridge is a simple continuous layout, built to showcase the owners scratch built coaches.  But it is a model of a real south Devon station, and features the lovely viaduct at Ivybridge.


Evercreech Junction is not really a medium size layout, as a near-scale model of the site is rather large.  But this is a club layout in progress, and gave a chance to look at baseboards, point control and all the other parts of railway foundations.


Last post on the show next time will feature the micro layouts.

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2mm Scale Association Diamond Jubilee Expo – 1

Plenty of blogging to get on with.  I’ve got another set of photos from Germany, as Ron once again goes in hunt of the elusive strudel – and no doubt immediately eats it.  But first, an account of a most excellent exhibition – it must have looked good for me to drive 310 miles in a day to see it.

Postponed for a couple of years due to covid, the 2mm Scale Association finally got around to it’s Diamond Jubilee exhibition.  And it was very good.  I’d seen a lot of the larger layouts on the exhibition circuit, but it was fantastic to see them all in one place.  And, as you will see, there were plenty of new ones, especially the little ones, that were well worth a look.

A feature of the day was the chance to talk to the builders and exhibitors.  Unlike many shows, I found everyone very open to talk and share ideas and skills.  And the venue in Derby was interesting too, with its railway heritage as a college built by the LMS.  One of the most elegant venues I’ve visited.

Last and not least, I drove up to the show with Simon, and enjoyed the company for the three hour drive each way (and around the show.)  We talked so much that I came home with a sore throat and promptly tested myself for covid (fortunately negative.)  So onto the layouts.  We’ll start with the ‘biggies.’

No Diamond Jubilee would be complete without Copenhagen Fields.  I’ve seen it many times, but there’s always something new to see, or just to revisit.  It’s been over 30 years in the making, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (including the famous C.J. Freezer, I understand), but it’s a wonderful model of a slice of north London.


Newly build is a slice through the facilities behind the station.  Some period closets here!  None of those tacky German Sexy-Scenes here; just a gentleman having a quiet think whilst reading the Daily Sketch.


Less easy to spot at most exhibitions is the fiddle yard.  Almost as complicated as the maze of tracks seen at front of house.  Note the ‘track’ here.  It’s all made of brass strip.  Simon informed me that it was difficult to form the curves in the brass without vertical distortion.  So a member of the MRC invented a machine, a bit like a pipe bender, to form the curves.  That’s 2mm for you….


Next in line we have the ‘Northern Copenhagen Fields.’  Fencehouses has been in the making for almost as long as ‘the fields.’  It’s a model of a real station on the original main line to the north, in the depths of the Durham coal fields.  Rather than an urban scene, with many trains approaching Kings Cross, we have a rural setting.  A long section of straight track includes the small Fencehouses station, colliery exchange sidings, and part of the colliery itself.


At one end of the layout, the Victoria viaduct is a great spot for trainspotting.

Last of the larger layouts is set at the other end of the country – part of John Greenwood’s model of the Southern Railway’s withered arm in North Cornwall.  Wadebridge shed is full of delightful scratch built Southern locomotives.


The town shows an eye for scenic modelling, too.


Padstow terminus is work in progress, and is cleverly built so the distinctive bridge over the estuary takes the model track in a U-shape to prototypically join up with Wadebridge.


One feature of the show was a chance to see projects in progress, and inspect things like the baseboard construction.  Next time, we’ll take the medium sized layouts, then after that the small and micros!

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Potpourri #1051

Haven’t done one of these for a while…..

Some interesting information on the French move to electric railways.  I apologise for the commentator’s accent.  The BBC has a lot to answer for….

The end of the London trams.  This time I have to apologise for the music, but great film….

A Japanese interurban waits for a blue-lighted ambulance (well, red-lighted really.)  I wonder whether they do this in Croydon??

Now even Paul or Simon can’t match this lot….

Love the way the train snakes through the points.  But also some interesting mixed gauge trackwork with shared rails.  The train here is metre gauge, I think.

And to close, Redhill during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.  Troops take refreshments on their way west…..

Redhill 1940

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ESNG meeting – 15 June 2022

Six members (and a visitor) turned up for the Wednesday meeting.  We soon had a layout up and running, but did have a few electrical gremlins again – plugs removed and not put back fully.


Some impressive American steam from Simon….


Derek ran his Railtrack 73’s in the late evening sunshine, having failed on Sunday with all the electrical excitement!


British goods from Michael….


I wasn’t going to run anything, but everyone (except Graham) had given up, so I got out an ‘N’ class, and having run it in a bit, added a short passenger train.


And to close, two pictures of a fascinating little tram layout – perhaps in TT scale?  A simple, rather convoluted dumb-bell.  All track, yet room for some scenery too.


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Clan Line again

Simon kindly sent me some more pictures of Clan Line….

Bumped into Clan Line at Victoria this afternoon.

Such a beautiful engine, and perfectly turned out.

And Brian caught the train going through Godstone.

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ESNG meeting – 12 June 2022

A massive 10 and a half members joined our Sunday meeting.  There were plenty of trains running, and although I’d brought some with me, I was able to just chat and watch the trains go by.  A large set up was fairly quickly put together.  We did have some electrical excitement, when red track seemed to be operating blue, and vice versa.  Initially blame was apportioned to Dave’s new board, but the culprit turned out to be Mr Atfield, who’d replaced a plug on his corner the wrong way around.  No comment!

There was a definite Germanic theme today, old and new….

Neil ran his retirement plan – a whole train of CJM wagons….

And Simon had his usual American trains running, including the delightfully liveried Atlantic Coast REA van….


When we packed up, I was pleased to find that I could fit my modules in the storage cupboard, so I don’t have to lug them down to the church for club nights.  And it was all followed by the usual large curry…..

And some moving pictures from Brian….

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And so to Germany #8

Day 9, and the last post, so to speak….

Sunny and warm. All trip has on today is a late afternoon wine tasting in Rudesheim so using my €9 ticket have come through to Frankfurt for a couple of hours. Tomorrow early start by coach to Cologne for trains back home. Next trip is 18 June to Dresden.

Mainz transport….

Frankfurt Hbf

Frankfurt trams…

And Frankfurt itself….


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And so to Germany #7

Day 8, and coming to the end of Ron’s travels….

Mixed day. Free day on tour so taking advantage of limited new Germany initiative for June July and August of travel anywhere on local trains buses and trams for €9 per month. Travelled to Koblenz up east side of Rhine waiting for trsin down west bank to Mainz before heading back to hotel via Wiesbaden.

Lots of Koblenz shots….

And a few trains….

And a few boats….

I’m pleased to hear it, Ron….

No they were not waiting for me!


Mind you, if you’d had Allan with you…..

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And so to Germany #6

Day 7, and almost all tourism….

Mixed day overcast, sunny and light rain. No train travel today. Taken by coach to Boppard then back to hotel by boar [sic] with a stopover in St Goar.

Only a German tour would include a boar trip 🙂  Boppard…..

Impressive flood marks at Boppard (my old line of business)…..


To St Goar….

And back….

The boats on the Rhine are all mine, all mine (that dates me)…..

A couple of trains along the Rhine….



And to finish today, another train running through the centre of Assmannhausen. Seen on return from the pizza resturant…..



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And so to Germany #5

Day 6….

Overcast with sunny periods. Coach from Wernigerode to Hildersheim for train to Assmanhausen via Frankfurt. As the weather was good walked along Rhine to Rudesheim and then took train back.

Starting at Frankfurt Hbf…..

The delightfully named, though picturesque, Assmanhausen.  The second picture is Ron’s hotel…..

Bus at Assmanhausen…


Sorry, Ron, you’ll have to stick with the strudel…..


And on to the Rhine, where boat-spotting is better than train-spotting….

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