The three-point trick

I’ve always appreciated Ian Futer’s layouts, and their underlying designs.  Some of his best designs are his three-point specials.  Very simple, but with enough operation built in to be reasonably interesting to operate.  This month’s Railway Modeller brought these plans to mind again.

First, Victoria Park, a compressed version of a real Scottish urban terminal.

And here’s a version with an extra point, giving a double track entry to the station.

If you want goods only, there’s Fisherrow Yard.  Plenty of shunting here….

And finally, the oldest of them, Newcastle (Haymarket).  Originally in P4, and on a raised embankment.  This plan was in the Railway Modeller this month:

Ian Futers later built a version in ‘O’ gauge, that was sold on.  But during lockdown, he has started a new ‘O’ gauge version, with using curved points.   This looks rather good, losing the regular shape of Haymarket, and somehow making it look larger.

Building the same layout for the third time must mean that it has something going for it!

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2 Responses to The three-point trick

  1. Chris Mears says:

    It’s neat seeing your variation on Victoria Park showing the extra point to make a double track entry. I’d always imagined that’s where that short siding (where the station pilot is usually parked) originated. In my imagination that the station was always the terminus on a double track line but then was rationalized down to a single road but with that truncated line left for storing extra rolling stock.

    The new iteration of Newcastle Haymarket based on the curved points. That looks really, really nice.

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  2. Jim Frisby says:

    I too really like the look of this new version of Haymarket, Ian has a knack of really making pointwork flow, Victoria Park being a good example. Interesting to see the other teaser photo shows a 14xx tank, didn’t expect Western Region!

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