Jon’s N-club modules – the background

I hope to put together a series of posts detailing progress on my N-club modules.  If nothing else, it gives me a record of what I’ve done, and will encourage me to do more.  Perhaps there may also be a few hints, tips and ideas?  I hasten to add that this is my second attempt at these modules.  I had a plan and had laid a lot of track before I realised that what I had done was just too complicated and I didn’t like it – and couldn’t fit in our loft

But I am getting ahead of myself.  My real problem over the years has been what on earth to model.  I envy those in the club who manage to have a number of different interests and model different prototypes.  You do well!  I want to make models of everything, but end up confusing myself and doing nothing!!

So what are these interests.  As a teenager I was very much into the LSWR and Southern, and early models followed that theme in OO.  University and beyond it was GE in BR days in EM.  Marriage and children then more or less stopped modelling for a while.  A loft in our last house in Redhill contained a small O gauge layout, with a mixture of stock – really just things I liked.  I still have this somewhere….  Moving to our current house and converting the loft to a bedroom stopped modelling yet again.

Then along came the ESNG and I was hooked on N-gauge, and then on the American prototype, especially the NE of the USA and the Lehigh Valley Railroad.  This resulted in the first layouts that I have ever (more or less) completed – firstly a 4×2 N-mod module, then the 4×2 Earls Wood layout, that I have exhibited a couple of times at shows.

But what to do with my N-club modules?  My (residual) interests are as follows:

  • Lehigh Valley Railroad
  • Interurbans (especially Pacific Electric)
  • SR EMUs and BR/SR (or just urban railways, inspired by my youth)
  • Isle of Wight

After an number of ever decreasing circles, I’ve elected to take on the Lehigh Valley Railroad as my N-club project.  After all, I have the all stock for it (including 7 PAs, I believe).

How I designed the layout and what I came up with will be my next post.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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