West Highland Railway, 1975

A long day down in the UK West Country yesterday, looking at computer models of flooding in the Somerset Levels.  So I’ll post some more of my old holiday snaps!  I hope to post another traction design article in a day or two.

Most of these shots were taken retreating from a walking holiday in the West Highlands with some university friends.  I say ‘retreat’ as we were forced to cut short our holiday after it rained for 24 hours solid (sounds familiar, doesn’t it – this is what usually happens in Scotland), and our tents were soaked through.  Being a careful backpacker, I was the only one with a dry set of clothes in plastic bags….  So we took the train back to Edinburgh (via Glasgow) and spent longer than we expected at the Edinburgh Festival.  The bus in the photo is, I think, parked to put the mail on the platform by collection by the soon to arrive train.  The last photo is from an earlier walking holiday – an idyllic Plockton, on the west coast, in rather better weather in 1973.

s42 s27 s26 s25 s21 s16

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