ESNG meeting – 19 February 2014

Last night was a ‘blast from the past’ evening.  Ex-member Andy Smith and his young lady paid us a visit.  And a very old friend of Derek the At * turned up.

Duncan and John were ‘knitting’ – fitting overhead masts and dummy rubber overhead wires to an Alpenbahn module, in readiness for the exhibition.  The overhead masts look very realistic, but it really is fiddly work getting it all together.  I might have to do something similar when I start a traction layout and it almost makes crochet seem attractive.

Nothing too exciting on the circuit.  Paul had his usual long Japanese goods trains.  There was a nice Bullied Pacific and Pullman coaches.  Neil was running an HST and also a long unit coal train headed by a blue Class 37.  He then swapped this for a blue diesel and a blue and white inspection saloon.  These looked very good travelling around the circuit a slow but measured pace.

Neil had an interesting question.  Why is it that real bridges, fields and the like are so big, but when you model them to scale (if you have room) it doesn’t really look ‘right’?  He had some videos of Eurostars crossing the Medway bridges and other high speed trains crossing French farmland.  I’m not sure of the answer.  It must be to do with viewpoint, perspective, and just how much the eye can take in at one go.

* For external consumption, we have two members called Derek.  Both have surnames beginning with A and a beard.  One is club treasurer and one is ex-club treasurer.  If you’re not confused by now, you should be.

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  1. sed30 says:

    Model the prototype to fit the space and not to scale, say give 75% space instead of a 100% is what I was told.


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