ESNG – What’s in a name?

A guest blog by Paul Rowlatt, written back in 2008, but still a good one.  How wrong can you get about a name – we are of course the only real ESNG!

In 2007, there was a debate amongst the group about what our acronym, ESNG, should stand for after our departure from the N Gauge Society ranks. Earlier this year, I gained regular access to the internet and as a result, I have looked into ESNG in the wider world. A search produced 28,700 references of which I have listed a selection below.

  1. eSNG – A Canadian company based in Toronto who specialise in computer hardware. They seem to have quite a good reputation.
  2. ESNG –Electronic Systems and Networking Group. A research group based at the Department of Biophysical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Genoa in Italy.
  3. ESNG –Eastern Shore Natural Gas – The interstate natural gas pipeline subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation based in Dover, Delaware, USA. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  It is a big company.
  4. esng – A range of bagging machines made in France. They come in various sizes depending on what you are trying to put in bags.
  5. ESNG –East Sound N Graffic – A promotions company that works with all types of artists in the entertainment business, but mostly hip-hop groups.
  6. ESNG – A type of microchip, but quite what, I can’t fathom out!
  7. ESNG – The airport code for Gallivare in Sweden. Because of its northern location, it is also known as Lapland airport. I wonder if Santa has a hangar for his reindeer and sleigh there.
  8. ESNG –Easter Seals North Georgia. This group works under the Babies Can’t Wait scheme which helps parents whose babies have developmental problems. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  9. ESNG Group INC – A shipping company based in China, with links to the USA.
  10. ESNG – Elsevier Society News Group – A medical newspaper group based in the USA.
  11. ESNG – Enterprise Storage Networking Group. I haven’t made this up, this really does exist!
  12. Esng –Escagenetics Corporation. A genetic engineering research company in the USA.
  13. esng – Electrospineurogram. A medical test for the nerves around the spinal cord.
  14. esng – A device used by Arabic engineers, but what it is for, I have no idea.
  15. ESNG –Electric Systems and Networks. This company is based in Khabarovsk, Russia and sells stand alone generators and other electrical equipment.

So there you have it, we are not alone. We appear to be the only ESNG that has anything to do with model railways, but I will let you know if I find anything in the future.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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