ESNG meeting, 4 April 2014

Last meeting before the exhibition!  Predictably, we spent a lot of time discussing logistics.  Who will be doing what, when can the van pick up layouts, when can we get into the school.

We did have one scare last week, when Surrey County Council announced that it was resurfacing the road past the school starting the week before the show.  Help!!!!  This is logical, of course, to do the work in the school holidays, be we want to get 100+ cars plus vans into the school over the weekend.  However, a few phone calls revealed that there had been such a public outcry that they were only resurfacing part of the road – the part away from the school.  We breathed again.

My only complication is that my wife heard that the date for her hip replacement is the Saturday of the show.  But actually, that will work better than if it had been before.  She is booked in to arrive at the hospital at 7am, so I’m afraid she will be dropped at the door, and I’ll go off to carry on setting up the show.  I may have to miss the traditional post-show curry, though, and that would be a shame….

Back to club night, we did get the usual circuit up and running, with a nice variety of trains from the UK, USA, Switzerland, Austria and Japan.  Of course, just before the show, one controller is playing up, but better to find that out now.

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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