ESNG 2014 Exhibition – the day after!

Well, we’ve got through another exhibition, and it seems to have been a success.  At least, all the club members enjoyed it, and we received plenty of compliments from the exhibitors and the visitors.  Numbers were good.  Not quite as many as last year, which is perhaps not surprising moving to a new venue, but enough to make the halls look busy, and give enough business to persuade the traders to part with their money for rental of table space.

The school worked very well as a venue.  Having free car parking on site was a real bonus, and compensated for the show being a few minutes walk from the town centre.  It was also good that the show was all on one level, and there were no ‘hidden’ rooms tucked around corners for people to miss (although one or two made a real effort to miss all four classrooms with most of the show in them).  It made things a lot easier that we could get into the school early Friday evening to start setting things up at a measured pace.

We also were privileged to have a visit from ‘The Commentator’, a gentleman who walks around exhibition describing loudly all he sees – whether anyone is listening or not.

Thanks to all the club members who worked so hard to make the day work so well.  But a special thanks to Derek Apps, who was wearing two hats all day, as school caretaker and also ESNG treasurer.  All Derek’s preparatory work around the school made setting up very easy.  And thanks too for Ian Carter and his team of glamorous assistants who worked very hard on the catering.  This is the first year for a long time we did our own catering, and Ian got it just about right.

Below, I’ve posted a few pictures from the day.  There are more on the ESNG website.

13 12 9 8 5 2 3 4

And PS, my wife’s hip-hop-op seems to have gone OK…..

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2 Responses to ESNG 2014 Exhibition – the day after!

  1. sed30 says:

    Glad the show was a succes and that wifes op went ok


  2. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Successful show


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