ESNG meeting – 16/04/2014

This can best be described as a typical post-show meeting.  After a very, very, slow start, we did have 10 members turn up, but there was no move to put a circuit up, and we were very happy to sit and chat and drink teas and coffees.

There was the usual show post-mortem, that was generally positive.  The club second (or more) hand shop was a great success and added a little more to club funds.  We are not exactly sure of the cash balance from the show, as the treasurer has gone on holiday (only to Norfolk, so we couldn’t have made that much money!)  However, we are sure that a small profit was made, that is a good thing, as the exhibition is our one income in the year.

Another item for discussion was the date of next year’s show.  We have tried to miss the dates of neighbouring shows, but this year, with free car parking, a fair number of people were taking in both our show and the larger Crawley club one 10 miles away in Horsham.  We need to decide this, then start planning for next year.

Last night was not wasted though.  Duncan started rebuilding the cable car on Alpenbahn, and Allan and Derek turned out the club cupboard and started some maintenance to the fiddle yard.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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