The top ten posts – an interesting list

One feature of WordPress that I appreciate is the statistics.  I now know that I have had one visitor from South Korea, although I have no idea what they were actually looking for.  Until recently, I hadn’t tried the ‘most popular’ statistics options.  So these are the top ten posts I have made over the past seven or eight months….

  1. Off my trolley – streetcars and trolley layouts: 170
  2. Layout design – different voices – micro-layouts: 104
  3. Off my trolley – interurban branchlines – 1: 65
  4. Somerset levels, February 2014: 39
  5. simple layout, complex operation: 30
  6. PECO lash up: 17
  7. Quote of the week: 16
  8. About the ESNG blog: 13
  9. Stuttgart 2013 – the photos: 13
  10. Off my trolley – interurban branchlines 3 – the Sacramento Northern: 12

What is interesting here is that the two most popular posts, by far, are about trolley layouts and micro-layouts.  And most of my other trolley and interurban posts have been well read.  I can understand micro-layouts – these have justifiably become very popular.  But ‘N’ gauge trolley layouts?  Surely a totally specialised and minority interest.  Perhaps there are more ‘closet’ traction modellers out there than one thinks!

Going forward, I will try and reflect these statistics.  The ESNG will always be an important feature, as that is the real excuse for this blog.  But please humour me if I write a few more traction posts.  Perhaps designs for traction micro-layouts?  But no doubt next time no-one will read them…..

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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