ESNG meeting – 21 May 2014

A ‘normal’ club meeting – if there is such a thing and if the members qualify as ‘normal’.  That reminds me of doctor’s abbreviations for patients.  One of the better (and repeatable) ones was NFN or ‘normal for Norfolk’.  ‘Nuff said.

We got a small circuit running, and Derek was running his tiny Crampton and Der Adler sets.  Unusually I actually brought some trains down to run.  First a pair of Kato Central of New Jersey RDC-1 Budd railcars.  Then came the UK tank engine cavalcade – Two LBSCR Terriers, ‘Earlswood’ and the Isle of Wight ‘Freshwater’ in Southern green, then a GWR pannier tank as sold on to London Transport for maintenance work on the overground sections of London Underground.  This is probably the only GWR steam loco you could interest me in – it looks far better in LT red than GWR green (heresy they cry!)

images (4) 2s-007-005-london-transport-pannier-l97-maroon-out-of-stock-5195-p[ekm]288x150[ekm]

Derek also had ‘Earlswood’ running, but direct from the distillery pulling a Caledonian four-wheeled coach.  It was also good to see Duncan’s colleague Roy, who brought a German tank engine for repair.  A little fettling got it going at the third attempt!

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1 Response to ESNG meeting – 21 May 2014

  1. chrismears says:

    I sure like those Dapol panniers in LU colours. When I reflect on temptations that could easily cause me to stray from North American railways, building a layout to provide sanctuary to one of these lovely models sits pretty darned near the top of the list. From everything I’ve read they perform as terrific as they look.


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