ESNG meeting – 21 August 2014

Holiday season must be coming to the end, as we had a good turnout this time around.  Good to see Peter back from his travels.  We last saw him at the ESNG show in April.  Since then he has been to Ireland and Cyprus, cruised across the Atlantic, and explored New York, Washington and Boston, travelling by train between cities.  All right for some!

We were enthusiastic tonight, and put up a large circuit.  This at least meant that Paul’s Japanese goods train didn’t catch up with itself.  He managed 59 bogie wagons before derailment happened (apart from the time the hon. secretary turned the wrong controller and put the goods train into overdrive).

Martin (jnr.) had a UK train with two Class 66’s and a string of bogie stone hoppers running.  I saw the prototype of this at Kew Bridge station  yesterday as it left the 3rd rail electrified lines and onto non-electrified cross-London freight lines.  Cross-London freight, especially in steam days, is an interesting subject for a model – all sorts of engines from all regions and a variety of goods stock to follow.



I had brought along a train to run for once, but couldn’t find a space on the circuit.  Finally I got it running – a D&H PA diesel (LifeLike) pulling seven streamline D&H coaches (a Con-Cor set).  I had replaced the coach trucks with Micro-Trains ones, and having had trouble with the coupling droppers catching on our bumpy modular joins, snipped off the droppers on the coach couplings.  After all, they will run as a set, and I don’t need magnetic uncoupling and shunting to work.  The whole set ran very well, and looked impressive as it made stately progress around the circuit.


The hon. treasurer was still on holiday, so I ended up in charge of collecting the dues and the annual subscriptions still outstanding.  It was very interesting – everyone came up to me and offered me money.  When Derek is here, he has to pursue members around the hall to extract anything from them.  Technique?  Character?? Beginner’s luck???  Who knows, but the club is solvent for another month.



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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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