ESNG meeting – 4 December 2014

Winter is upon us.  Cold and dank tonight in Redhill, but ten hardy members braved the elements to run trains.  And there was a very good variety of trains.

We started with multiple unit night.  A new bullet train from Paul raced Neil’s TGV.  On the other two tracks, a modern UK 2-car DMU and Derek’s 8-car Dapol Voyager units maintained a certain decorum.

Then we swapped to loco-hauled trains.  Paul, as ever, had his long Japanese container train on the go, with a single large electric loco, then two small Bo-Bo diesels providing the motive power.  Allan had his new Trix Swiss push-pull train to run.  A BLS class Re 465 express locomotive with 6 type Mark III express coaches.  The train is finished in the ‘Kambly’ design.   These one-off liveries don’t impress me much on the prototype, but they do make good models.  I understand that this set was available only in Switzerland, so it was a good catch by Allan.  Derek also had goods train running.

Finally, some steam!  Roger ran a GWR 45xx and then a very nice LMS 2-8-0 8F on a short goods train.  He was also running a freightliner container train hauler first by a Class 59, then a Class 58.

Worth braving the weather with plenty of interesting trains running!

Our next Thursday meeting is in the diary for January 1st 2015.  I think that we will probably cancel this meeting – we’ll make a final decision by the next Wednesday meeting.

And a bonus link with some pictures of Indian railways.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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