Jon’s modules – The 4th board

Good progress on the modules this week.  It’s been on the principle of, “If you want a job done, give it to a busy man.”  It’s been busy at work, we’ve had the usual church build up to Christmas, and more invites out than usual.  All good stuff, but life has been a tad hectic.  So I’ve tried to use the odd half hours to get some wiring done. And three out of the four boards are now wired for all track work, although the point motors are still to be fitted in places.  I hope to get most of this done before Christmas. It occurs to me that I haven’t ever posted a proper scale plan of the layout.  So here it is – double click it for a bigger version. layout Any brave reader who has followed the modules to date will notice a couple of changes.  I have opted for staging on the left hand board.  Not much of it, but putting it there is easier than making and fitting a new boards at right angles.  It will need careful scenic disguise, but two trains will give plenty of switching operations before having to re-stage the trains.  Or I could use cassettes…

The fourth board is something new.  I had built a 800mm module to fit on the right hand end of the layout, making it up to (a metric) 12′ in length.  Originally, I had intended this to be a purely scenic board.  But thinking about it, I decided to extend the run-round lead across onto the fourth board, to give another place to spot cars.  I’m not sure what to put here yet.  It could just be a bay track to a depot on the board.  Or it could be a team track, or another small industry.

Whatever option I opt for, it will increase the switching fun.  The two photographs below show the fourth board in place, with my test caboose parked at the end of the track.  Right, having posted this, I’m off to get the wiring going on the last board….

IMG_0098 IMG_0099

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