ESNG meeting – 17 December 2014

What is it about Christmas and work?  Everyone seems to have to work three times as hard just to get a little time off over the holiday.  So today, I was half asleep at the meeting, having been rushing around to get a report out – that I know will sit untouched on a desk from December 24th to 5th January.  The chairman didn’t get there.  He came home from work and fell asleep in an armchair until after the meeting started.

Nevertheless, 11 members did get to Earlswood, and despite some initial apathy on my part, we got a small circuit up and running.  Small enough for Paul’s Japanese not-quite-100-wagon goods train to cover the entire circuit and give a new meaning to ‘push-pull’.  Phil had a new Farish diesel to run and Derek’s Santa Special made its annual appearance.  Neil had some new Farish Polybulks on show, prudently bought before Farish prices shot up like Rouble interest rates.  Duncan was measuring ‘Z’ gauge chassis with a micrometer – purpose unknown (perhaps I should have asked.)

Two reminders for all members.

Firstly there will be no meeting on January 1st.  We thought that this may be a family day for some, and hangovers will still be there for others.  I might be in Hong Kong.  I have a ticket to go there for a week for work, but the trip is yet to be confirmed.

Secondly, remember the Play-Day, Sunday 11th January 2015, 2-7pm, followed by curry.  A good chance for an extended running session – and for the traditional festive feast afterwards.


About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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