ESNG meeting – 21 January 2015

Well I wasn’t at last night’s meeting, as I was being wined and dined by the company for my 38 year’s service.  What a difference six months makes.  Last year it was proposed redundancy; this year it’s too much overtime and a very nice meal.

Still, I got this brief report from the Cha(I)rman….

Not a bad turn out tonight. Ten people turned up. Nice mix of stock running. Ted brought you a couple of wagons down for you. Derek Atfield has them for you.

Thanks for sending flyer through for me.

John Brightwell has borrowed the following for use with Alpenbahn at the Erith show this weekend.   Four G-clamps, two roll of curtain, large extension lead & the dustbin lid with the cable protector.

Ted’s wagons are, I hope, a couple of small coal hoppers, north-eastern style.  I’d donated him several Norfolk & Western large capacity hoppers, that were surplus to my needs, and he’d promised a couple of their smaller cousins in return.

And Allan’s other notes nicely lead into another couple of reminders….

Alpenbahn was (and is) a modular alpine railway concept, allowing Swiss and German trains to run in ‘the landscape’, creating long, thin, linear layouts.  Conceived and originally built by a number of ESNG members,  John Brightwell has taken over the boards and carried on developing the concept.


Well worth a look, and the Erith show looks a good one.  ESNG member Neil is also there, exhibiting his Settle and Carlisle ‘Bleak Moor’ layout.

At least we know where the curtain has gone.  Before the last ESNG show we ‘lost’ it, only to be discovered at home by the Treasurer…..

Secondly, an update on the ESNG show.  All is going well, we have a full complement of layouts and traders and society stands.  Publicity in the railway press, insurance, and a first cut of the hall layout are there.  Looks like things are coming together!


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