Dear Mr Railway Man

Following our theme of late trains, the Telegraph posted this heart-breaking letter from a 6-year old girl to rail bosses.  The article states….

A six-year-old girl has written a “heartbreaking” letter to rail chiefs begging them to get her father home on time so he can tuck her into bed…..

But because of delays and cancelled trains between Uckfield and London Bridge, Mr Porter is “constantly” late home to see his six-year-old daughter Ella before she goes to bed.

And as for the letter…

“Dear Mr Railway Man, my daddy is always late home and I miss him very much because he always used to tuck me into bed.

“This makes me upset.

She signs off, writing “Ella, aged six”.

Point taken!  Mind you, Uckfield is somewhere out in the wilds on the end of a partially single tracked line.  I like the excuse for not going to Disneyland.  I was always in trouble for not going.  And I could never use rail fares as an excuse – I can walk to work.

But there may be some hope.  Is Hong Kong taking over our trains?  Another article from the Daily Telegraph:

Almost a third of all Britain’s trains have been bought by billionaire Hong Kong investor Li Ka-shing after rolling stock group Eversholt Rail was sold to CK Investments (CKI).

Eversholt owns 28pc of Britain’s passenger trains and was bought in a deal that will see the current owners receive about £1bn, with CKI taking on £1.5bn of the rolling stock group’s debt.

The company leases its mainly electrically-powered fleet – which comprises about 3,500 vehicles – to 11 of Britain’s train operating companies…..

Eversholt began life as one of three rolling stock companies formed when British Rail was privatised and was owned by HSBC between 1997 and 2010.

The sale shows the continuing attraction of Britain’s infrastructure assets, which produce long term and stable returns for their owners…..

CKI is jointly owned by Cheung Kong, Li Ka-shing’s flagship company, and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, which is chaired by his son Victor Li.

Start those Cantonese lessons, Sean!

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