Forgotten Dreams – Jon’s old trains #2

Most modellers have what is generally known as a ‘gloat’ box – but mine must be worst than most.  I’ve been excavating some more, and have come up with all sorts of things.  A lot of them I’d forgotten completely.

I started with a couple of boxes that came out of my father’s shed.  This had all sorts of bits of brass and the like, brick paper and wire.  All stored in some antique shoe boxes.  One must have been nearly 50 years old, as I remember wearing ‘Tuf’ shoes at school.

I moved on to three boxes on top of my wardrobe.  I really didn’t know that I’d built that many ‘O’ gauge etched wagon kits – mainly horse boxes and other non-passenger coaching stock!  I did a lot of ‘O’ gauge modelling between 1984 and 1993, but packed it all away when we moved house and I lost my loft.  Modelling only came back on the scene in 1999 or so, when I joined ESNG and ventured into ‘N’ gauge.

But I did also find two RJH conversion kits for the Lima Class 33, to put proper bogies under them and detail the body with etched bits and pieces.  These date from 1989 and are not quite as refined as today’s etchings, but very much OK.  Why I have three Lima models and two conversion kits, I don’t know.  It could have been that I was going to ‘stretch’ two of the Lima models, that are a little short, using the third loco.  And I found the Class 47 High Level Models etched kit, dating from around that time.

And I’ll have plenty to build in future, when my eye-sight is defeated by ‘N’ gauge.  There’s a couple of part built and a couple of unbuilt etched parcels vans.  And for locos, there’s a nearly complete LSWR G6, a part made Terrier, and a Beattie Well Tank and 0330 saddle tank unmade.  Actually two 0330’s.  First a basic etched kit, then a rather more refined one with a resin saddle.  I’d forgotten about the latter two kits.

So I need to repack one or two boxes, and put a few things on the RMweb classifieds or perhaps Ebay.

And an update.  A club member wanted the Lima Class 33’s.  I put some other items on the RMweb classifieds, and have already sold one and got interest in another.


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