AGM and wrong kind of sun?

The ESNG AGM occurred yesterday.  A good turnout of members, and all business was concluded with no heckling and very few snores.  It’s not that the committee object to being pelted with fruit, but prefer the members to take it out the can first….

The time came for committee elections, and s ever the room went very silent and as motionless as an auction for a lost Da Vinci drawing.  Followed by a forest of hands as the committee agreed to stand again…..  Plus ça change….

Plans for Stuttgart were further advanced as Duncan brought along a new van, that although it is small, when added to Allan’s truck, will probably carry all we need for this year’s show.  It’s the N-club anniversary year, and a lot of clubs will be attending, so we will probably take a smaller layout than in previous years.  However, the resulting N-club modular layout is intended to be larger than ever before and possibly the largest in the world (possibly excepting Texas, as they are always biggest).

Last Monday First Great Western tweeted that:

“There will be no direct services from Paddington to Bourne End/Henley tomorrow due to hot weather.”

That prompted some incredulous responses on twitter. So, have our railways been defeated by the weather again? BBC transport correspondent, Richard Westcott said:

“We need to put that announcement into context.  It means a very small number of trains from Paddington won’t run direct as the points will be taken out of use to avoid them failing and causing disruption to the whole Western route. This is six trains out of several hundred that FGW operate each day.”

For the modeller, perhaps this is an excuse for the non-working point motor, and changing train services and timetable to suit?

I know that like model railways, the real thing is at risk from extreme temperatures and expansion of the rails.  Nevertheless, surely this must be classified as…..

Wrong kind of sun????

(For non-UK readers, a standing joke has been the railways blaming winter cancellations on the “wrong kind of snow”.  I believe this is the powdery kind that blows into nooks, crannies and bits of rail infrastructure that promptly stop working.)

And the BBC get into the discussion, blaming continuously welded rails.


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