ESNG meeting – 21 October 2015

Another fairly busy evening with 10 members present.  But no chairman.  Once again the 2am milk round defeated him!

There were plenty of trains on the move.  I had a train of MicroTrains coaches running.  I realised I had 8 of them, having picked up a few here and there as potential Lehigh Valley rebuilds.  Neil had seen the light and was running sensible trains – SECR grey and Southern green N 2-6-0’s and Maunsell coaches.  Plus a nice pre-nationalisation good train, Paul’s inevitably bullet train, and Graham’s Super Chief.

Meanwhile, Duncan had taken time out from landscaping his Nm layout to come and sort out final planning for Stuttgart.  It’s less than a month away now!  We worked through transport, catering, presentations and the like, and things seem moderately under control.  I’m looking forward to another visit, and will enjoy a couple of days with my son, Michael, who is coming out too.  One year I really will go for the full 4 days, and visit Stuttgart itself – I have yet to get far beyond the Messe exhibition hall!


About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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