Folding baseboards from down-under

I do enjoy exploring modelling sites from other countries.  Invariably, they approach the hobby rather differently, and give new ideas for a UK based modeller.  Following links between sites, I came across Gav’s Workbench, Gavin Thrum’s site.  Gav has built layouts based on the South Australia Railway, the LMS, the GWR, and now the Virginian Railroad.  Truly a cosmopolitan modeller!!

Of interest to me, Gav produced a clever folding baseboard design with a very nice Australian switching layout on top.  He cites CJ Freezer’s ‘Minories’ plan as inspiration, but there is an extra fold in this board to include the fiddle yard as well.  I’ve reproduced the layout plans below, and a couple of photos, but do have a read of his site.

Commercial Street IMGP3779 IMGP3796 port dock

I have come across a number of other small folding layouts.  Bryon Henderson designed this little N gauge switching layout for Model Railroad Planning.  Lots of operation in a 6′ x 1′ layout.



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