Off my trolley – North Hollywood revisited

A frequently-used phrase in railway modelling is ‘selective compression.’  Most usually it applies to station track layouts, shortening them and losing a few sidings to fit a reasonable representation of a piece of railway in our usually too small rooms.  I applied the same approach to a modular layout based on the Pacific Electric’s North Hollywood.  Of course, nothing was ever built, but I added it to my list of possible layouts.

One problem with North Hollywood is its long, linear nature.  In some ways ideal for a modular layout, but there are a lot of rather boring bits, and if built to scale it doesn’t fit in any room I have.  When compressed, the long, low Southern Pacific standard building begins to overpower the scene, that should be fairly sparse in nature.

So I took my North Hollywood depot and applied a little selective compression.  The drawing below shows it before and after.  (The drawing used is the one kindly supplied by the architects of the building restoration, and the ramp to the goods area was, in PE days, a set of steps.)


The end result looks pretty good to me.  By cutting out a bay or two in each section of the building, I think I have maintained its proportions without losing its character.  And the length of depot is reduced by about a quarter, from 280mm to 220mm, and will look more in proportion with a shortened track plan.

I have ideas for that track plan, and hope to post them fairly soon.


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