Off my trolley – a bargain (I think)

Reading a blog recently, the writer recommended the ‘Model Train Stuff’ shop and internet shop.  I couldn’t resist a browse, and the site made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – Bachmann ‘Peter Witt’ trolleys in Los Angeles Railways livery at US$69.99.  So I ordered two to go with the two I already have.  Even with the import duty, it’s a good deal (I hope).

So perhaps I’d better think about a Los Angeles Railways trolley layout first?  As these models aren’t the proper 3′ 6″ gauge, such a layout can run any trolley.  I do have a few ideas, but must try and find the time to put them down on paper (or digitally.)  But it seems to have been another busy weekend, spending too long doing other jobs.  Cleaning the church hall gutters was made easier by the leaves and dirt coming out in frozen, gutter-shaped, lumps.  And then I got involved in setting up a new router and network printer at home.  One day I’ll find time to run some trains.


And I haven’t forgotten about North Hollywood….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to Off my trolley – a bargain (I think)

  1. I keep looking at this trolley myself!


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